– UPDATED – Well, This is Kind of Scary…


Ok, first off, this post is a prime example of why I should never do anything even semi-serious after 9pm. I am not on top of my game and make mistakes.

So, it WAS me. Using one of the least used bookstooge email addresses that I have on hand. I have NO idea why I created the profile or how I forgot about it. I had to reset my password but then I could login and I have deleted the account, hence the “no longer available” that some of you reported. Thanks for checking!

I feel so stupid and embarrassed.  Also, if I’m ever insufferably arrogant to you at some point, please point to this article to remind me about humble pie.






I am not on Facebook, in real life or with the Bookstooge monniker. However, I just found that “Bookstooge Booker” is on Facebook, with the exact same avatar as me in all my various Bookstooge haunts. I did have a FB group when I was copying my reviews but I deleted all content and deleted the group when I left.


And I am not from California.  I am debating whether to join up with Facebook and check this freak out. The next step would be to report them. But how do you report an online identity that isn’t your real life identity?

As if life isn’t complicated enough, sigh.  And it’s Friday…


29 thoughts on “– UPDATED – Well, This is Kind of Scary…

      1. LOL I just saw your update and had a suspicion that might have been the case. The alternate would be just too freaky. It actually got me a little paranoid and led me to do a search on facebook to make sure I wasn’t being impersonated in any way shape or form. Can’t be too careful these days.

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        1. Yeah, I’m glad it was just a case of me forgetting. But after all the traffic from facebook to my Algorithm of Power post, and the first 2 shill commenters, I was a little paranoid about anything to do with facebook.

          But really, you’d think I’d know not to write stuff after 10pm. It just never turns out well


        1. Yes, my young and carefree days when I didn’t care what email I used or where I put my reviews. Ahhh, if only I could return to such halcyon times.


          Maybe I’m just having a bookworm’s version of a midlife crisis 😀

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      1. LOL
        No need to feel embarrassed! Rather we can all be relieved by learning that there is no Evil Bookstooge Double from the Mirror Universe (and one with a goatee, of course, because evil people from the M.U. always wear a goatee!) trying to take over the blogosphere…

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  1. Saw the profile pic was added in 2014. At least that person doesn’t seem to be active on the account though. And there’s probably nothing criminal about that that you can complain about to anyone.. 😦 Don’t know what you could honestly do about it besides contact that person. 😮 Would be identity theft if it was actually your real info though hahaha Gosh, never thought someone would want to steal a fake identity!!

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    1. Oh man, a cage match. Now that would be so funny 😀
      Now, the funny thing is, I have on occasion looked into mirror and thought “what would me as a 25 year old think of the me of now?” It usually devolves into violence pretty quickly, on both sides 😀 😀 😀

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