Surviving a Bad Book – Freeware

freewareFreeware by Rudy Rucker

1/2 Star

Book 3 in the Ware Tetralogy


The following post will contain gross descriptions, etc. It was that kind of book so this will be that kind of post. There will also be frank discussions of sex and various fetishes.  You have been warned appropriately.



Wheewoo, wheewooo, wheewooooo!




In my actual review I didn’t get too detailed because I was still dealing with the disgustingness of the book and didn’t really want to go there. But since these SaBB posts aren’t real reviews, but introspective lookbacks, I figure I can let it all out, kind of like the author did.

First off, I was actually enjoying this series back in 2014. Software and Wetware were of the “Weird” variant of SF and while it shouldn’t have worked for me, it just did. I have no idea why, but I was really enjoying something that was just plain Out There.

Then I got to Freeware and things went too far and it was the end of the line for me. Rucker had always had a thing for sex in his books, but in this one he really went into “get some therapy” kind of territory.

I’m not a fetishist kind of guy. Pretending to be someone I’m not, dressing up in costumes, pretending I’m an animal, wearing latex, none of that appeals to me.  What also doesn’t appeal to me is pissing during sex or pooping in or on your partner. Or rubbing feces all over each other.


Yeah, pretty much my reaction too!

So when Rucker has some of his characters dress up in latex, use a clear latex sheet and then poop on each other, piss on each other and get turned on by it? Well, that is not just disgusting, it is also perversity of mind and body.  Sex is like any other appetite and if not properly used and controlled, will spiral out of control. That is the part of the Fallen Nature of humanity but I don’t want my mind filled with sewage and so I cut the book off right away.

And I wasn’t even comfortable enough at the time to write all that out in my review.  But obviously I haven’t forgotten it.

Bork, borkety, bork!


I’m just going to end this by saying, who thinks that any of that is a good idea? Who writes that and thinks it is a good idea? Who reads it and thinks it is a good idea?








42 thoughts on “Surviving a Bad Book – Freeware

  1. I really like that you’ve read it and told me about it, because I know it’s one I won’t touch – not even with the longest bargepole in history. Bits and pieces of such stuff, in discussions or off-stage, but not centre-stage.

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  2. So I read the phrase “get some therapy kind of territory” and thought, yeah I’ve read that… and then I read your description and realised that, nope, I’ve not read anything like that. Not even close. THANK GOODNESS. Don’t plan to either- because eww. Just eww. Also why does this exist- WHY??!?!?! Honestly a bit queasy now and mentally committing the name of this book to memory so I know to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. I haven’t got the faintest idea how you survived this one.

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    1. I know I survived because I put it in a box deep in my mind and put the key away. It wasn’t until I was checking out my 1/2stars in Calibre that it all came rushing back. So in another month or 3 I’ll have forgotten all about it again 🙂

      And doesn’t it boggle the mind that something like this ever gets out in public? I know that people are really messed up, reading any “personal” pages on sites like Craigslist will show you that, but in a book? Inconceivable! 😀

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      1. Oh gosh I bet- it sounds like an absolute nightmare. I get what you mean- it takes a while to erase stuff like this from memory, but it does fade eventually.

        haha I genuinely have *no idea*. Honestly, sometimes I don’t understand people at all. But maybe that’s because I haven’t ever gone on sites like Craigslist 😉 (that’s a rabbit hole I *do not* want to go down)

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    1. I survived by Denial. My mind completely forgot that I’d ever read this. Until I went sorting through my 1/2star reviews in Calibre. Then it all came back.
      But I should be just fine in a couple of months, once I forget it all over again 😀


  3. When I saw you ‘biohazard’ warning I giggled, because I thought you were simply going to warn us about bad writing, nonexistent characterization or unforgivable plot holes. Then I reached the actual description and… well, I was even more dismayed than the Minion! 🙂
    That author needs indeed some therapy. Right now…

    Thanks for the warning!!!! 😉

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  4. Wow. I should have heeded the warning signs and not read this so close before dinner.
    It’s not likely that the book will cross my path again, but if it does I know to put some rubber gloves on first. And maybe a mask would not go amiss either.

    Thanks for the warning. I hope you manage to recover from this soon.

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  5. You know, it’s books like these that make finding new sci-fi/fantasy such a pain. I like romance in my fiction WHEN IT IS ACTUAL ROMANCE and not some stupid, disgusting sex scene (or series of them) meant to do nothing but tickle the reader or disgust. There is nothing romantic or right or wonderful about scenes like the ones you describe, and like you, I have no idea why anyone would put this in fiction of any kind. Sometimes it is actually the editor who asks/ tells the writer(s) to put this garbage in. Seriously, why does this make sense? Grrr….

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  6. I just had to look it up on Goodreads to see what it scored and was greeted by a five star review (one of several) using the words “…delicious continuation of family…”.

    What the f…?!?!

    Where is a shrink when you need one?

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  7. I can’t imagine you reaction reading about those paraphilias hahahahah I know that this is something I won’t check out. Another reason why erotica is not something I’d pick up either. I’m just assuming that things like this are explored in details in those (huge exaggeration, but it’s okay. :D). Glad you survived this though. Wouldn’t want Bookstooge to suffer from cardiac arrest due to some book called Freeware……..

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