Survival Saturday – Mac n Cheese Attempt #1


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Tonight’s dish is an old reliable standby, that staple of our childhood, the perennial favorite, macaroni and cheese by Legacy Premium. It doesn’t get much more “staple” than that.





Ingredients & Allergens:




Nutritional Info:




Things Needed:

6 Cups of water

1 package of Mac n Cheese



Boil 6 cups of water. Whisk in entire package. Reduce heat to a MEDIUM BOIL. Cook for 12-15 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand 3-5minutes.

I once again used a bamboo spoon instead of a whisk.



So, this was our first real flop and sadly, it was all our own fault, I can’t blame the food in any way. I didn’t reduce the heat to a medium boil, I reduced it to medium heat. That didn’t fully cook the pasta and when we each took a bowlful, we ended up with half cooked pasta, some of which was truly crunchy and I mean full on granola crunchy! We poured our bowls of uneaten food back into the pot and I’ll be tossing the potful into the garbage later tonight.

Second, this really should have been whisked together. A bamboo spoon just didn’t do it. The cheese powder fell into the pot all at once and a spoon wasn’t enough to truly mix it up. So besides crunchy pasta we also had clumps of extra cheesy powder.  Gross.

Mrs Bookstooge thought the sauce was a little thin for her taste, as she wanted a more full bodied bowl of food. I was ok with it, as I was thinking of it as almost Mac-n-Cheese soup.



Neither of us finished our bowl, well, because of crunchy pasta! But the bowl pictured has 1 1/2cups worth and from the little I did eat, that would have fully filled me up. So the serving suggestion and total servings once again were spot on. This would serve 4 very hungry people easily. Unless one of them is a teenager. Then just pour the entire package down their throats with some hot water!

We’re going to try this again next month, as “mac-n-cheese”  was the one that had the highest number of packages in the bulk box I bought years ago.  However, we’ll be making some changes.


Lessons Learned:

READ the directions more carefully! Seriously, I laughed afterwards when I realized what I’d done. But if we were in a real Survival Situation, we’d have had to eat that crunchy pasta and life would be even worse 😦

Use a whisk. I really need to find some sort of plastic or bamboo utensil that I can whisk within my Pampered Chef pots without worrying about scratching them up. If any of you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.

I’m also thinking of cubing up some block cheddar and adding that to our individual bowls. Some nice extra sharp yellow cheddar wouldn’t go amiss at all.




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23 thoughts on “Survival Saturday – Mac n Cheese Attempt #1

  1. Once again I must stress how totally unappetizing these meals look to me – granted, in a survival situation my squeamishness would evaporate quickly, and since I know I wouldn’t be able to, say, catch a fish or a rabbit, I would have to fall down on these. But still…
    You and Mrs. Bookstooge deserve a medal for this community service, seriously!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😀
      One more reason we only do this once a month!

      Thankfully, I’ve never been a “visual” person when it comes to my food. As long as it doesn’t have eyeballs in it, I’m pretty meh about how any food looks. Which definitely helps here, as most of this stuff ends up looking like off-white goop no matter what it is supposed to be.

      As for rabbits or fish, I figure if I have these kinds of problems with packaged food, I’d probably starve to death trying to figure out how to cook either one of those 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Nothing to forgive 🙂 I was laughing at myself as well. I mean, how do you mess up mac and cheese? Well, I guess I found out!

      A cook would be great! I know how to cook, as I learned it from my mom and then homemaker courses in bibleschool, but I don’t LIKE to cook. That’s my brother’s area.
      Mrs B never learned to cook from her mom and hasn’t the desire either. So we’re kind of the quintessential “lazy couple” 😀

      Only strangers bearing already cooked food, or the supplies, are welcome at our house…


  2. I only ever had yucky mac n cheese that tasted super fake when I bought it from the shops or even went to ‘American style’ restaurants. I like cheese sauces and cheese in general. But I can only eat this when I make it myself haha. It’s not very popular in Germany or Australia anyways, as far as I know 😀

    Throwing some cheddar in there would probably make it better! Also, maybe some spices.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Neither Mrs B or I are big fans of spiciness. We’re pretty mild 😉

      So you’re a mac-n-cheese snob eh? I actually prefer a brand we have called Stouffers. It is super cheesy and almost thick enough to sit on a plate 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m sorry, but I had a good laugh throughout this post hahahahaahh How did a classic turn into a flop like this!!! It’s survival time, man!!!! You trying to help the enemy by screwing the great ol’ mac n’ cheese?!?!!? 😛 Crunchy-soupy-mac n cheese yooo!!! Hope your next attempt will be much more… pleasant!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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