Brotherhood of the World Tag

Saw this tag over at ReactionaryTales. (Neither endorsement nor condemnation is implied by the link)


I have NO idea why this tag is called this. It is rather pretentious and completely off point.  I think it would be better named the “Getting to Know You” tag or something.  I like ReactionaryTales’ questions though, so figured I’d stick in my 4 cents worth.


You get a tin foil hat and you get a tin foil hat. EVERYBODY gets a tin foil hat!



1) Briefly explain your blogging style (where your favorite blogging spot/tools – as in, on the couch using your smartphone or something)

I like to call my blogging style the Way of Bookstooge’s Path of Total Enlightenment. Basically, I plop my butt on the couch, throw my lap couch onto my lap,

couchtop (Medium)

and either select the latest book I have finished and start typing up the review, or I have had an idea from earlier in the day that I want to blab about and start typing that up. Either way, there is almost no forethought. It is setting free the artist within, the hidden zenmaster, the subconscious creator.  There are NO BOUNDARIES on my creative genius. “Look on my works, ye plebs and DESPAIR!”

My idea of planning ahead is typing up a post and scheduling it 24hrs in advance. No more than that.


2) How do you manage your blogging time including blog reading time?

When I get up at 6am on a work day, I grab a cold Bang

300mg of caffeine. Now THAT gets your motor running!

and sit on the couch and take an hour to sip it, hence allowing for a continual intake of caffeine until I am motivated enough to get ready for work.

This allows me 60minutes to peruse ya’lls blogs. At least, those of ya’ll that aren’t too lazy to post overnight. Mondays and Wednesdays I have mens meeting and prayer meeting at Church, so I don’t get home til 7 or 8pm. Then I’ll spend another 60minutes catching up on the rest of you. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I get home around 5pm, so it might stretch to 2-3hrs. I also use those times to write posts and read.  Saturdays I’ll catch up on posts in the afternoon, write if I feel like it or read. Sunday is pretty much open all day unless I’m playing Magic: The Gathering at the library in the afternoon. That still gives me all Morning and all Evening on Sundays. But I tend to catch up on any posts for that day before I write any of my own.

I follow about 60 people, as I found that more than that I can’t keep people straight. I also don’t follow people who don’t post regularly or SJW’s, as those people tend to raise my blood pressure and this is supposed to be fun.


3) Who is your most read author?

Be a good follower and please see my post, Bookstooge’s Most Read AuthorsEnlightenment is only a click away!


4) How did you come up with your blog name?

I had just come out of the Great Censorship Debacle at Goodreads in 2013. I had been physically threatened by indie authors and their fans, had my reviews hidden by GR because it didn’t conform to their vaguely worded and totally author and sales oriented terms of service and had gotten on the List of the StoptheGoodReadsBullies assholes. So I was not in the mood to use my real name or make my picture widely public.

I used Bookstooge because I had an old email address that used that term. I was just moving to Booklikes and their blogging platform allowed for more than just books but I wanted to concentrate on books, so Bookstooge it was. Once I created that identity, including my nifty Avatar,


my alter-ego was born! I’ve spent the last 4 years solidifying Bookstooge as my online personna and now consider him me, or me him,  or us we (argggggh!!!)  when online. But don’t worry, my Psyche Isn’t Fractured, honest!


5) What keeps you blogging?

Several things actually.

Foremost is the knowledge that I read enough that I simply can’t remember all the plots and all the feelings and all the thoughts I’ve had for the over 3000 books I’ve read since 2000. So my blogging is a place where I can store my memories for retrieval at a later date.

Second, I like words. In fact, I have an amount of words that I have to write out on a daily or weekly basis. Its like having a fountain inside. Back before I got into blogging in ’04 or ’05, I used to write in a journal every night. So blogging is just an outlet for me.

Third, it is a great way for an introvert who literally can’t stand more than 6 people at once for more than an hour to interact with a large group on a regular basis. In fact, I feel like a Super Popstar every time a post gets more than 10 Likes or Comments.

Bookstooge ON TOUR,  RAHHHHH!!!! 


I would like to thank Lashaan for perfecting the art of subliminal messaging within a post to create your own personal army.  Go forth and subjugate, my minions!

Feel free to answer these in the comments or do your own post if you like the questions.




23 thoughts on “Brotherhood of the World Tag

  1. Last pic is indeed awesome 😀 And actually, that is how I imagine you look like 😀

    So now I think of a hooded figure with glowing eyes, sitting on the couch in the morning, drinking energy drinks & commenting on blog posts. While wearing fluffy slippers. Don’t know how they get in there. I have lots of imagination, I am always told 😀

    I like that tag, I will steal it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mrs Bookstooge helped with her picture-fu skills.

      After one of those Bangs, my eyes might as well be glowing with all the energy 🙂

      Excellent. I enjoyed this one and am glad I found on Reactionary’s site.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “I had just come out of the Great Censorship Debacle at Goodreads in 2013.”

    This was before my time. Care to elaborate? I think I can guess the gist of it, though: lots of whining.

    Also, your dislike of SJWs gets you bonus points.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goodreads changed their terms of service without actually letting members know. They wholesale deleted shelves,reviews and had such vague rules about what you could have that it became a minefield. Ripe for indies and their fans to abuse, which they did.


  3. Hey! Awesome answers! I didn’t even realize I didn’t post where the award came from cause it wasn’t shared to me. They were great questions indeed. That is quite a list of authors you have there. How long did it take you to count it all out? I should do something like that one day, haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nel,
      you did link back to the person who tagged you, but I followed that back for about 2 people until someone did not link back and the trail petered out.

      In regards to the authors, I use a free program called Calibre, which is an ebook manager. It can also be used as a general book manager and that is what I have done for all my reviews. So all I had to do was export everything into an xml[?] file and then use Excell to copy paste to a word document 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I meant the original creator of the tag. Sorry for the lack of clarification there. I love Calibre but I haven’t used it as a book manager. Maybe I should, haha!
        You are very welcome! Glad you were able to find something cool on my site 🙂

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  4. Love reading in bed- and, controversial though it may be, that Kindle in the dark is wondrous. I adore the calm it brings me. Reading my Kindle every night with the light off, while my wife sleeps beside me. When my eyes are closing halfway down a page, I know I can fall asleep instantly. Also love that I can swap between several books as the mood takes me. The Kindle has revolutionised my nights. As a lifelong insomniac, I used to read, fall asleep, be woken by the light going on, turn light off thereby waking myself up, and read again, in a vicious circle. A thing of wonder! Possibly the best invention since pickled walrus. my only issue is with myself, when you are reading a cracking good book but it occurs to you that you have read the same paragraph for over a minute and still haven’t taken it in. That’s when I close the cover, slip it under the pillow because reaching to the bedside table might wake me up too much…

    Throughout the history of the human race a very small minority of people have and continue to read in bed but overall the majority of people do not.

    I have developed chronic “fernsehapparatweltschmerz”; these days, within a few minutes of switching on, I feel I have seen it all before. Not so with books. The world is always young. Mind you, I am currently reading “The Drinker” by Hans Fallada, which is grueling to say the least, but it does seem to set me up for a deep and peaceful sleep. Perhaps it is merely “schadenfreude” – no matter the petty shortcomings of my own life, they can’t possibly be as bad as they are for the poor soul at the centre of that book. I take comfort in that.

    Only Kindle’s downside is being locked in the evil, tax avoiding, clutches of Amazon. I keep hoping the government will wake up an tax the bastards on turnover (EU is making noises about this).

    As to the other questions in the post, I’ve got to look them up…I have no idea. ” Who is your most read author?” Good question.

    “What keeps you blogging?”. Easy. To allow me to interact with like-minded souls… and to have a snapshot of my mind at a particular junction in time…

    “How do you manage your blogging time including blog reading time?” when commuting. at work. at home when everyone is asleep.

    NB: loved the pictures in the post. I must do one of these posts.

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    1. Yeah, I used to have the non-lighted kindle with buttons, but then I borrowed my brothers Paperwhite and was really impressed with the lighting. But no buttons. But when the Oasis came out, BINGO!

      I don’t tend to read in bed because I am a very light sleeper, so when I go to my bed, I want to sleep. Kind of trained my body to expect to go to sleep when I lay down on the bed. Now the couch, that I’ll sprawl all over 🙂

      Tv and movies. I’ve got Doctor Strange to watch and I figure I’ll do it this afternoon. But it will be background as I’m doing stuff online. The tv can no longer hold my attention. So I’m with you on that.

      “Evil” Amazon. You socialistic commie pinko! 🙂 The government is evil.
      As for being “locked in”, if you use Calibre with the Apprentice Alf plugins, you can buy ebooks where you wish, liberate them from drm in calibre, then convert them to whatever format you wish, including kindle versions.It’s not piracy. It is having control over the files you bought. To me, that is a big issue.

      Great answers to the rest!

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    1. Yeah, you have to get into the plugin side of things. Which are 3rd party things. Each plugin has its own little thread on Mobileread under the main Calibre forum. So lots of people willing to help.


  5. heheh oh my goodness, your opening line made me chuckle! Oh and I loved those questions too- I’m gonna have to get off my butt and do this cos it’s on my list (eventually 😉 ) hahahaa there really are no bounds to your genius 😉 Also, I think 24 hours is a good amount to schedule- I do more than that sometimes and I almost forget I posted 😉 hehee I have *wonderful* SJW armour so (most) of their remarks just bounce right off me. Yeah I’m totally laid back and chilled and think “life’s too short”… oh who am I kidding- if only I had that level of self-control!- I cringe every time I come across a debunked “fact” or stupid argument that’s disproved a million times- I do see people doing this and have a “not you too?!” moment 😉 I do click away from the site when I see something like that though… mostly… 😉 Love your reasons for blogging and seriously *bravo* Lashaan for that amazing picture!!

    Liked by 1 person

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