Leader of the Pack (Oh My Goddess! #2) ★★★★☆ (Manga Monday)

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Title: Leader of the Pack
Series: Oh My Goddess! #2
Author: Kosuke Fujishima
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 152
Format: Paper Copy



Now life as a couple for Kei and Belldandy begins. They have to find a house/apartment for Megumi, stop Sayoko from trying to steal Kei to drive Bell away from Nekomi Tech, win a bet against another racing club with Bell as the the prize, deal with the System Force not working and no longer trying to keep Kei and Bell together and if ALL those things weren’t enough, Family Problems.

Yep, Belldandy’s older sister Urd is tired of watching Kei fumble around, so she comes to Earth to seduce him to give him the confidence to go all the way with Bell. She breaks a few rules and hence gets her goddess license curtailed and ends up having to live with Bell and Kei.

It doesn’t appear that Kei will EVER get to be alone with Belldandy.


My Thoughts:

Cute. That’s probably the best word to describe this volume. I did notice the chapter breaks in this volume, as each chapter was titled. Definitely showing its magazine roots. No over arching plot really, just adventures of the week type things. It works for now.

Sayoko is really setting herself up to be a rival to Bell and yet we as the readers know that she simply can’t BE a rival since she’s only human. She does show a few flashes of humanity so we do know she’s not just a complete witch.

Kei is pretty spineless. His senpais make up a rule book for the beach and one of the rules is that he can’t go into where the girls are staying, so he can’t visit Belldandy. IT’S A MADE UP RULE!!!! Sigh, but he doesn’t break it, nor does he show enough intelligence to work around it, until the very end of the stay. Eh, it just shows why he didn’t have a girlfriend in the beginning and gives LOTS of room for character growth.

Bell is pretty and shows touches of jealousy, love and anger whenever the situation needs it, IF Kei is involved. In some ways she’s just as oblivious and naive as Kei, even while being a goddess.

What ever guy wants, a beautiful woman to be concerned about him

We find out that Bell has family and Urd comes to visit. Without being salacious, Urd is just plain wicked hot. But she’s a liar and doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions, so you know she’ll be providing some good comic relief. Also, her interest in Kei is really non-existent, so no family love triangle drama. Thank goodness for that!!!




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