Book Haul … ♪In a Winter♪ Wonderland♪

Well, it is a good thing I climbed that mountain on Sunday. I got in to work today and this is what I saw:


Boss’s skating pond, just starting to skim over


Winter is no longer coming. It is HERE!


Thankfully, today was also the release of Deadhouse Landing by Ian Esslemont. I loved Dancer’s Lament so much and read a couple of reviews that put Deadhouse Landing on the same level that I pulled the trigger and bought them both at our local bookstore after work today.


Taking this to work tomorrow. It has become Top Priority!


These are going to look good on my shelf with all the other Malazan books I own.
In the running for Best Book of the Year. 



Yep. Helping keep our local book store in business. Which brings up another story. Have patience if you’d heard me ramble about this store. The employees at this bookstore ACT like they want to go out of business. Every time I go in there I feel like I’m a bother and a nuisance. When I ordered these 2 books last week, the lady at the register actually had the gall to ask me for the isbn of the books when I asked her if she wanted the author or titles. Next time I go in, I swear I’m going to ask for “That red cover book about that famous guy. You know, the one everyone is talking about? Maybe it had a green cover and was about a women? But you know, that famous one I saw on The View 2 months ago”. Serve them right if I did that.  Same place that told me to go look on amazon for a specific hard cover edition of a book. But anyway….

Always glad to plunk down some hard cash, or plastic as the case may be, for some quality story in a dead tree.



34 thoughts on “Book Haul … ♪In a Winter♪ Wonderland♪

  1. I can’t understand this behaviour… but for me working in a bookstore would be on top of my dreamjob list. Just below ‘professional book reader’, ‘professional animal hugger’ and ‘hotel critic’

    Snow… i could have used some today, it was too hot!

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  2. These would indeed look magnificent on a bookshelf. I’ll follow your path and do the same if this series proves to be exceptional once I start it.

    I have encountered a similar bookstore owner who really didn’t seem to want to sell anything and had some sort of weird desire to ruin everyone’s day instead. Definitely ain’t every going back there. Their loss. 🙂

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  3. I only liked Esslemont’s covers…the first one with the white stuff all over the place I simply hated it…:)

    Growth mindset and mindfulness sounds like liberal do gooder nonsense and they are if not handled properly. Thinking carefully about what you do benefits you and everyone else. We earn respect by giving it

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    1. I figured you wouldn’t be the biggest fan of the snow pix 🙂

      It is definitely a good reminder to me about how to act if I’m ever around a client. *pretends to like people* *pretends to like people*

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        1. Well, I think there is a difference between looking up an author/title and almost running someone over. I might have to try running over one of the bookstore employees and see if that changes their attitude!


  4. Or wow, winter is here… or rather there 😉 It’s not looking anything like that on this side of the pond 😉 Awesome haul! And I don’t know what it is about local bookstores- wayyy too often I’ve had really bad customer service in local bookshops. And funnily enough, my brother just told me a story last week of going into a local bookshop where the only person in the shop spent 20 minutes on the phone, talking about politics, and ignoring him while he tried to get her attention. In the end he said he found what he was looking for, but was so fed up with the shop assistant that he decided he didn’t want to buy the book there. It’s just really sad, cos I *want* more local bookshops. Anyhoo, sorry for the schpiel 😉

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    1. Good to know it’s not just me “They” are out to get then. It’s probably a VAST conspiracy reaching the highest echelons of our respective governments. Darn bookstore employees, they’re probably alien/human hybrids just waiting to eat our brains!

      I’ll be posting more wintery pix as the season progresses…

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