This Week in Review

Man, what a load of a week. It just started bad and never really recovered. Hence my lack of posts for most of the week. Prepare for some whining!

whah, whah, whah!


Monday. Working in the road, setting the new centerline for the Town, so they could begin construction. Almost got run over by some jerk in a large utility van/truck. I had a can of spraypaint in my hand and let off a jet. THAT got him to stop. Then had a verbal altercation with him as he was justifying himself about not giving a damn about me actually being in the road. Had a talk with my boss, as almost tagging vehicles is NOT company approved action. I knew that was coming though, and agreed, so it was ok. But still, getting talked to by your boss, no matter how necessary, is never “fun”.

Wednesday I was working sick, as was Mrs Bookstooge. We were a real matched pair that day.

Not quite that old, but I’m definitely that grumpy looking!


Thursday I found an embedded, partially engorged deer tick on my thigh. When I removed it, it didn’t look like the head came out, so I had to head to Urgent Care to get that taken care. They put me on doxycycline and that’s been making my stomach upset.

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting!


Then, on top of all that, I’ve been dealing with hardware and software issues at work. Some of our survey equipment is pushing 12years and so it’s starting to fail. I bought a new to us data collector and getting it updated, connected, configured, etc, etc has been a real process. I’m still not done and will have to come into the office after Sundown tomorrow to finish things up.



And after writing 18-19 posts in the last 3 weeks, I was feeling some word burnout. Not bad, but definitely didn’t want to just sit down and start typing stuff up, like this post  *grin*

Saturday is going to be church, then the above mentioned work after Sabbath. Sunday I’m climbing a local mountain with some guys from church. That’ll be fun, if it doesn’t kill us. 40degrees is going to be the high temperature and once we get above the treeline I suspect the windchill will be well below freezing. I’m no Idris Elba, but I’ll give him a run for his money!





29 thoughts on “This Week in Review

  1. Oh no, what a week! I wouldn’t feel like blogging either, I’d probably just go to sleep straight after work^^

    And talking about getting sick.. My throat was sore yesterday and Mr DZ made me gurgle some Rum.. now it’s gone again!

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    1. I seriously think “something” was sweeping through the book ranks. Savageddt and Orangutanlibrarian both noted it and if I’d been paying more attention, I’m sure I’d have noticed it in others.

      I’ll snap you a pix from the windswept mountain top, full of the desolate glory of nature 😀

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  2. I’m sorry you’ve had such a crappy week. All that stuff at work and being sick is certainly no fun. Also, I’m glad it’s so freaking cold here now, I no long have to worry so much about backyard bugs and pests. Because deer ticks…ARRRGGGGGH, hate them.

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    1. Yeah, we had a hard frost earlier this week so I was SURE I didn’t have to do my daily tick check after work. Ha. Now I’ll be doing it til Christmas or something 😀

      Thankfully, the sickness is done, the doxy is done tomorrow and the work stuff “should” be taken care of by tomorrow night. So next week’s a new brand new week! Full of grand non-adventures and fantastic books!


    1. Tell me about it. My boss understood too, but had to give me the dressing down so he could say he did.
      I have noticed a change in drivers attitude in the last 10 years. They are the center of the universe. They expect you to get out of their way and for you to keep the rules so they can push, or break them, without consequences.

      Thankfully, with a Survival Saturday food post tonight and then a brisk mountain climb tomorrow, next week is already starting out good 😀

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      1. IMHO it’s not just the attitude of drivers, but rather a generalized attitude you can see everywhere, from the person taking more seating space on the subway – and to hell with everyone else – to the one who believes that yelling louder than anyone else gives them any kind of right. And so forth…

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  3. hehehe I’d have wanted to tag the git’s car too 😉 But yeah boss chats are never fun :/ And arghh I’m terrified of ticks- that diagram makes me gag a little- glad you found it though. Sorry your week was so lousy (no pun intended 😉 )- but hope the the mountain hike is fun tomorrow! Hopefully things will start to look up from then!! (okay that pun was totally intended 😉 )

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    1. People: hate’em or hate’em. Still gotta deal with them 🙂
      Thankfully, my boss is a great guy so even a dressing down is done in such a way that I don’t feel like crap afterwards.

      That tick pix was the least gross one I could find. The rest were so stomach churningly revolting that I couldn’t put them up.

      I do plan on taking some pix from the top, so hopefully it will be a sunny day and not just full of clouds.

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    1. Yeah, pretty disgusting. This was the first time I’ve had to deal with an engorged one. Most of the time I get them at the end of the day before they’ve had time to start feasting. Must have missed it from the previous day 😦

      Thanks. My antibiotic time is over, so I’m feeling better and Mrs is ending tomorrow, so she should be feeling better then too. Those anti’s work great but my goodness, sometimes they are wicked hard on the stomach!

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  4. Damn. One hell of a week. There has to be some sort of hidden organization of large utility van/truck drivers cause they’re all the same!!! When they know they’re being dumb on the road, I see them smiling and rolling away… As for that tick.. Holy moly. Hope that healed properly. Definitely don’t want to run into one of those. Hope venting out helped in getting rid of all the negative emotions, sir. 🙂

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