October ’17 Roundup & Ramblings


18 books and 6378 pages. Now, two of those books were a DNF, so to be a bit more accurate I’d knock off 300 pages from that Page number. Still, that’s a lot of pages to love 🙂

Overall, the month was good but the couple of stinkers ganged up and hit me one after the other (all 3 of the Bad books hit me within a one week period) so it made it feel a bit worse than it actually was. Since it was nearing the end of the month as well when it happened, it kind of “reset” how I was feeling about the whole month. Hate it when that happens.

Average rating for the month was 3.11. I VERY happy with that considering.


The Bad:

Punch Escrow   1/2 Star DNF

The Night Parade 1 1/2 Stars

Bane of Malekith 1 1/2 Stars DNF


The Good:

The Phantom Tollbooth 5 Stars

Dancer’s Lament 4 1/2 Stars

The Compleat Bolo 4 1/2 Stars

Encounters 4 1/2 Stars

The Scarab Path  4 1/2 Stars


Manga I read this month was Encounters and that was wrapping up the Gundam series from early 2016, so it was quite overdue. Never got around to starting the Oh My Goddess! manga so in November I’m determined to work manga back into the rotation. Of course, that’s pretty much what I said about it last month, so we’ll see what actually happens 🙂

Survival Saturday, the Tortilla Soup Edition, was actually a huge hit. While I didn’t get a lot more likes and comments than usual on it, the views and outside hits really skyrocketed. The real test will be when I do the next Survival Saturday post and see what happens. People seem to like food posts for some reason 🙂

Surviving a Bad Book is definitely a thing now. Having done 3 and gotten some real conversations going, and ended in one case,  I’m pretty happy with how they are doing. It does a good job of reminding me that if I can survive Book X, then I can definitely be ok with Book Z.

Stephen King and I have finally parted ways with his Mr MercedesI’ve been on the fence about reading him each year since I started back in 2008 but this time he crossed the line into “I don’t want to read this” territory and so I’m done. Now I don’t have to worry whether the next King book I read will be my last or not. I’ve read my last.

Had some seriously silly and farcical posts as well. Super Popstar Bookstooge kept me in stitches with the bad milk pix and Vermin Supreme Gives You the Finger really showed the dangers of having too much time on your hands while at work.

Cover Love Time. Found several variant covers of The Scarab Path and rather enjoyed them even while not having one idea what they’re supposed to convey. I “think” that is supposed to be Cheerwell Maker on three of the covers, but I’m not really sure. Who knows what publishers are thinking sometimes, am I right?

All should be clickable for higher resolution versions.



Finishing this post, this month comes across a LOT better than I remembered when starting it. Which is one reason I like these Roundup & Ramblings posts. Gives me a some perspective when I sorely need it.





21 thoughts on “October ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. You read a lot more books than me, but then I count Oathbringer as four books, so there! And wow, looks like we both had a run of stinkers this month. I had one week where I reviewed three 2-2.5 star books in a row. I’m glad things are looking up again though.

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    1. And that is actually why I started including number of pages read. Because I concur wholeheartedly with you, books like Oathbringer [having their own center of gravity!] should have more weight than a forgotten realms book.

      I remember you going through those stinkers too. Seems like this was the month for bad streaks…


  2. The first edition you show of The Scarab Path looks the coolest though. The last one seems more modern and in trend with what I often seen nowadays. Definitely a great month of reading.. I mean 18 books man… I can’t even do that within 4 months! Here’s to more great books and an even better month, sir. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

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    1. Thanks. Most of it all comes down to that I am at the stage in life where I am settled down. Stable work, stable marriage, stable church. I figure I’ve got about 10years before life starts changing on me again, so I gotta make the most of it 😀


  3. I like food and food posts, so please more haha. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes! And you definitely have lots of different posts going to keep us entertained! I do enjoy your ‘Surviving a bad book’-posts as well, they help me with which books NOT to pick

    On that note, your blog is turning into a ‘Survival’-blog! What else could you do?! ‘How to survive at work when you’re bored’, ‘How to survive getting attacked by grumpy indie authors’? Lots of options!

    Your theme song could be ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child! 😀

    18 books is awesome by the way.. That’s half of what I read the whole year! 😀

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    1. I noticed that “survival” thing too. For me, I think another survive series would be household chores. I HATE those things, but dishes, laundry, vacuuming, the bathroom, they all just don’t do themselves 😦

      I’m a 1% when it comes to reading, that is for sure. Trying to make up for all those other Americans who don’t read even 1 book a month * really sad face *

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      1. I don’t mind housework so much, I started listening to audiobooks lately while cleaning up. At least it doesn’t make me feel like I am missing out on reading so much anymore 😀

        But there are things I like doing more than others^^ I hate vacuuming & mopping the floors for some reason. I don’t mind cleaning toilets & showers. I worked in hostels before, I can’t be shocked anymore 😀

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  4. The problem with good books is like porn; it gives people unrealistic expectations of how quickly a she-plumber will show up. Sometimes we just want the awesome book to be in our hands… Stretching the metaphor a little bit further, I just wish it would be as easy as asking for a double and a she-plumber without a moustache would suddenly appear (I’m thinking books here…).

    NB1: I’ve been trying to give up innuendo and double entendres….I hope I haven’t alienated any readers from your blog.

    NB2: Loved your porn posts, sorry, food posts. Makes me me want to cook more…

    Awesome numbers by the way. We all aspire to read more, but “Tempus Fugit”…

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    1. Man, I don’t know what its like in Portugal, but here in the United States, all the plumbers are former models. In bikinis.
      And it only rains at night, and our food is completely healthy and our political system works without a hitch.


      I actually agree about unrealistic expectations. I used to hit a lot more low star books until I instituted my draconian tbr system. Now I only have books I WANT to read. Doesn’t mean some of them won’t be stinkers, as this month showed that in spades, but overall, it helps weed out alot of the meh ones. And enough meh books can turn you off your feed rather quick.

      And speaking of feed. I have to admit, I’m still surprised by how much outside traffic those posts are still getting. I’m hoping with practice I can those posts into the foundation of my future Cooking Empire! I’ll make Emeril and all those other so called Chefs look like mere amateurs 😀

      As for time flying, it helps that we don’t have kids. I suspect my numbers would be about 1/5 of these if kids entered the equation.

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  5. Food posts are awesome. There’s a blog that I follow regularly – I started because she was a homeschooler like me, but even now that she’s put the kids in public/private school, I still follow her for the food posts 🙂

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  6. Wow 18 books is brilliant. haha food posts are always great 😉 Especially when you’re eating things like Tortilla soup. And those covers for Scarab Path- OMGOMGOMG (as you know it’s pretty easy for me to channel my inner Valley girl 😉 )

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