Super Popstar Bookstooge *raaaahhh*

It may come as a slight surprise to some of you, but I am the genius behind every male popstar in the entire world. My mighty thews alone can fell a crowd with one pose. That’s actually how I caught Mrs Bookstooge. I struck a classic Arnie pose and as she swooned, I gallantly caught her. Her last conscious words were “Oh, my hero!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Swoon, Baby, Swoon!


Yeaaaaahhhhh.  Sometimes even I can’t believe the stuff I make up here.

Actually, I listen to classical on the radio and then Enya or Amethystium, or their like, while at home. IF I listen to anything at all. The only thing I care less about than music is art. If I never saw another picture in my life, I’d be ok. Except for manuals. I need pictures in those suckers. Have you ever tried to connect 57 different wires together with parts that the text refers to but doesn’t tell you what it is? How do I know how to cross wires 3,8,47 and 52 to wires 21, 32, 39 and 41 using the kroglian shaftometer? SHOW ME THE PICTURE!!!

Sorry, got a bit off track there. Anyway, just about the only time I listen to pop music is when a group plays it with classical instruments. One duo I like is 2Cellos. That link will take you to their site and a video of them playing some Game of Thrones compilation stuff.

The only popsongs that I can think of that I’ve heard and have ever stuck in my head are the following. All links go to music videos on youtube. I couldn’t figure out how to find just a plain bloody song. Don’t watch them, please. It’s a visual assault on your eyes that should be a Class 1 Felony.

Piece of Me by Britney Spears

Bulletproof by La Roux

Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

I’m not really sure why those 3. But I sat down and thought about it and those were the only ones I could name and actually kind of knew the tune to. I can listen to them looped 5 or 6 times and then I’m good for a year. I guess if the aliens ever attack us with cliched, heavy beat, sensualized music, I’ll be the Last Bastion of Hope for Humanity. Dude, that actually sounds like a great name for a band. Anyone want to start one with me? I call dibs on being the lead male vocal who throws fits at least twice a day!

Ok, lets end this farce of a post. I just needed to get some words out, so there they are.


29 thoughts on “Super Popstar Bookstooge *raaaahhh*

  1. Ok between your opening and the “bad” milk gif.. I am losing it. Thankfully I work from home and no one can hear my idiotic laughing. I know very little of today’s music in general haha. What names I can throw at you, I attribute to my daughter. And I still care nothing about them. I have a stack of classic rock vinyls, some classical music Pandora stations and a small collection of rock. But that it is 🙂 I do enjoy the GoT soundtrack!

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  2. I can’t really bring myself to listen to any of those top 40-type pop stations these days, I just can’t take the banality and lack of soul in these songs. I actually listen to a lot of video game or movie scores these days. I’m usually reading while listening to music too, so no lyrics to distract me helps.

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  3. Id like to help with lyrics but I am not lyricly inclined…. appart from that, soon to be ms. Simplyabookdrunkard(hopefully) let me to 2 cello’s and 2 piano’s sites, they quite rock… tell me you dont get goosbumps from watching acdc played by 2 cellos dont give you some kind of smile… favorite Enjya? Wont judge, promise

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  4. Hahaha, oh god, i LOVE bulletproof! It reminds me of our first ever holiday to Bali as a couple. We were having dinner at the beach and the restaurant had this great singer, who performed an awesome version of this song!!

    Nowadays I dont listen to pop music anymore, apart from 90s stuff.. i grew up in the Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls era and they were a big part of my life back then 😀

    I want to be in your band! I play the flute, does that help?? 😀

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  5. Yay Enya, everyone likes Enya (as Steve Hughes says “it’s like silence coloured in” 😉 ) And I love 2Cellos. I know 1 and 3, but not 2- if it’s anything like those, I think I’ll pass 😉 If I want to feel like I’m in pain I’ll just jab myself in the eye with my thumbs (although if you do want to be in pain, maybe listen to Cheryl Cole’s “Fight for this love”… 😉 ). haha that does sound like a good name for a band 😉

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  6. Most popstars, male or female, are disposable and relatively untalented. Only a small number have ever gone beyond a few hits and then faded in a superficial and transient industry where very few people stand the test of time. Having seen many come and go over the years it’s clear the vast majority of “names”, male or female are basically “me too” derivatives of whatever went just before. It’s not a male/female thing, it’s about the short attention span of the industry and the rarity of genuine originality.

    Are there an actual new artists ‘breaking through’ of any gender, or indeed any new bands? Most of the better known or famous musicians or ‘stars’ that are around now broke through about 5-10 years ago, or even longer.

    The music industry seems stuck in a rut, and rather than opening people’s tastes to a wider variety of music due to it making more accessible, the Internet seems to have closed their minds.

    I’ve got an idea for you, Bookstooge. Why don’t we both record something (I’m a tenor; what are you?) and make something together? The biggest music acts today, someone so confident of their power, they can withhold their output from streaming services to sell more profitable physical CDs to fans…Would we have any fans do you think? I predict our target audience would be 8 year old girls, and journos with beards…

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    1. I’m a light tenor, I believe the term is.

      I’m not sure I could handle the dual pressure of screaming little girls and morose, cynical liars who just want to catch me out in something.

      However, how fluent are you in speaking english? If you sang in broken english and I sang in completely mangled portageuse, we might have something unique 😉

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  7. Duuude hahahahah This was definitely an original and also confession-filled post! I’m surprised to hear that you’re someone who doesn’t have a heavy affection for anything music. It’s definitely a first to me! But man, this post definitely cracked me up from the beginning to that silly comic!

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      1. I can’t stay awake while driving without them. Music can lull me into sleep just as much as silence — I need something to engage my brain.

        I also listen while I’m eating lunch, that way I don’t have to hear what the meth-heads at mcdonald’s are talking about.

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        1. See, I can’t concentrate enough on driving if I”m giving my full attention to the audio and if I pay attention to driving then I’m missing stuff on the audio. Lose lose situation for me.

          Thankfully, I only have to deal with one other guy for work and since he smokes, he stays outside of the van at lunch and I stay inside and read and we’re both happy 🙂
          Well, he will be until he dies from smoking that is…

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