Vermin Supreme Gives You “The Finger”

One of the “benefits” of living in a place like New Hampshire is that we get all the people who are too crazy for even a hellhole like Massachusetts to handle [someday I’ll enlighten you all on what’ll happen if I ever became Governator of New Hampshire]. One particular “blessing” is a political nutjob who is named Vermin Supreme. He’s run for President several times and his signature look is a big boot on his head and he’s run on  “A Pony for Every Citizen” platform.

He’s great. He’s an anarchist who is just trying to show people how ridiculous things are. While I’d gladly throw him in an asylum, I agree with his overall outlook on the political process, ie, it’s ridiculous.

Another perk of living in NH is that sometimes while working I have a couple of spare minutes on my hands and you know what they say about the devil and idle hands. Today I decided to make a Vermin Supreme Finger Puppet.

TADA  Free Ponies for EVERBODY!!!!!!

It is stunning what a professional like myself can do with a discarded piece of plastic, a permanent marker and a camera phone.



17 thoughts on “Vermin Supreme Gives You “The Finger”

  1. If everyone has a pony, that means you need pony daycare, pony walkers, pony groomers, pony poo pickerer upperers. This Vermin guy has a secret plan to boost the economy by replacing the car manufacturing industry with horses. Can I have a grey pony please, and does he ship them to NZ?

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    1. See, one glance and you’ve already picked up on just how much of a boost he’d be to our economy!
      You’ll have to talk to him about shipping. I suspect he’s pretty easy on the whole Open Border thing though…

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    1. He sticks around NH because of our early primary. I suspect when we lose that he’ll go elsewhere.

      And what could be a better way to spend our clients time and money than drawing finger puppets? A happy surveyor is a productive “chop down lots of trees” surveyor! 😀

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  2. I thought you were joking when you said there was someone called Vermin Supreme. Agree with the commenter that he’s no Lord Buckethead, but even more importantly he’s no Screaming Lord Sutch! hehe this post definitely sums up politics wherever you are in the world 😉

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      1. teeheehee oh you don’t know the half of it 😉 If you get a chance, check out the Monster Raving Loony Party manifesto- they have some very sensible ideas like banning metal hangers (cos those things are irritating!) and putting air con on the outside of buildings to combat global warming 😉

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