Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 75%

mrmercedesWell, I went into this knowing how it had affected me so far. A couple of things were different from other times, so bear with me.

First, Mrs Bookstooge and I went to a small chinese sda church outside of Boston today where we witnessed the baptism of 14 people. 2 of them were little girls of some people we knew from our home church. The age range was from single digits up to the 70’s. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing someone take that intelligent choice to follow Jesus. It reminds you that there is Hope, that “you” are not alone and that “you” are not the last bastion of hope for all of Christendom. Sometimes we Christians forget that God is actually in charge. So that was one big factor.

Secondly, I deliberately turned off my “feelings” when going into this. I didn’t allow myself to picture these fictional characters as real people, I disconnected myself from the story.

Those together allowed me to power through another 25% in one sitting.

So spoilers ahead!

I KNEW somebody had to die, I just wasn’t sure who. Jerome or Janey? Well, King answered that question quite decisively. After I started this book I realized from talking with Tyson Adams about Book 2, that this was a trilogy and most love interests don’t last for a whole trilogy, especially not in horror books. So I should have seen this coming from a mile away, but I just didn’t want to think to hard about it.

Brady’s plan for the concert seems to have kicked into high gear and he’s not concentrating on Hodges anymore. I know nothing about plastic explosives so I still wonder how much damage a wheelchair full of the stuff could cause. I’m not interested enough to search it out on the internet either. I know the NSA is spying on me, right? And considering that I haven’t even had a chance to do a Survival Saturday post yet, I’m just too young to be locked away in a black room and have my brains picked.

A sneak peak at next week’s choice. Yummy!?!? Right…..


I get that things are now personal for Hodges and he wants to do this on his own, and I’m really glad he’s picked a time to give up and hand it in to the police. But now that Janey is no longer a driving factor, why is he staying involved? Hodges has already thought that he’s not going to kill Mr Mercedes, just apprehend him and beat him up. What is the point? If you are going to take the Law into your own hands, do it fully. That means, Judge, Jury AND Executioner. Or let the proper law enforcement officers do their job. Half measure piss me off.

I ended my reading with Hodges and Co [Jerome and Janey’s cousin who is a basketcase] realizing that Bradley was also the icecream man. Not sure how that helps them any beyond showing how he kept tabs on people and stuff.  I guess that is why I’m reading books and not writing them.



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14 thoughts on “Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 75%

      1. I’ve often wondered why there is such a parsity of contemporary horror. In any bookshop there are King and Koontz mixed with a few oldies like Lovecraft next to a far larger selection of ‘Romantic Gothic’ novels aimed at teenage girls with a vampire fetish. I’ve read a few decent ‘horror’ novels in recent years but so often they’re too satirical to be really chilling. Glen Duncan and Joe Hill are good examples. Probably the best proponent of straight chilling horror has come from Sweden, a suitable cold and dark place, with Lindqvist. He does it straight without irony.

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    1. Yep, you’ll have to wait and hope that this post has triggered a secret taskforce by the NSA to send in the black helicopters to hunt me down!

      I have no idea what tortilla soup is. I’m guessing a vegetable soup that’s a little spicy maybe?

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    2. The mystery of the tortilla soup, what a tease, Mr Bookstooge! 😀 I will be looking forward to your post, and please, lots of pictures!

      After reading a couple of your posts on it, I decided that I will not read the Mr. Mercedes novels, BUT watch the show instead. I think that’ll work out better for me.

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      1. Lots of pictures shouldn’t be a problem. I figure the first couple of foodee posts will be a bit picture heavy until I figure out what I really need to show and what I can type.

        You have fun with the tv show. It is all yours…

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  1. Yup switching off emotions seems like the sensible choice for this one. Also, I feel like saying “NSA” is like a cue to the NSA to start checking you out. Or maybe it’s saying: MI5, terrorism or bomb (and I wonder how I keep ending up in spam jail 😉 ) Also what on earth is tortilla soup!?

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    1. Yeah, I figured just typing in all that stuff would get me on the list. But honestly, with my security clearances from my days as a security guard, they already know everything about it. Even the fact that I like black jellybeans 😉

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  2. I like how you contextualize your reading experience hahah Got to admit that it plays a big role on how much we enjoy our books. Soooooo… Do you plan on reading book 2 and 3 of this trilogy in the following years or are you going power through them before 2018? 😀 😀 😀

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