Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 50%

mrmercedesThis is one messed up book so far. It is making me consider reading any more King at all in the coming years.


Brady the killer. This guy is a loose cannon. He’s not Dexter, he doesn’t know enough and while intelligent, can’t seem to focus that intelligence.  In other words, he’s almost like every other serial murderer.  As soon as he bought the gopher poison and brought it home, I KNEW what was going to happen. Also, the whole incest thing, not so oblique. So her offing herself by accident didn’t leave me feeling bad or sympathetic. I just wished she’d put it in lasagna or something and they both ate it and died and then Brady comes back possessed by a demon or something. If there is nothing supernatural about this storyline, I’ll be extremely disappointed.

Bill Hodges, the fat old retired cop. Getting it on with the dead woman’s younger sister. While not erotica level of graphicness, it was more than I wanted to read.  As a cop, he seems to be in complete control of the situation. He’s leading Brady along by the nose, making him react, setting things up, being the controller. Waiting for him to fall spectacularly.

Jerome, the highly intelligent neighbor boy. He’s playing way too big a part of the story so far to not get involved. My only thought is is he going to die or be broken? He’s got a little sister, so it’s a real toss up.

Janey. Getting involved with Bill the cop. Being warned to be aware. She has GOT to die.

By the 50% mark I was expecting something to have happened. But it is going really slow. Definitely a slow burn though. You can see Brady gradually losing it bit by bit.

The whole Boy Band, packed stadium thing that Brady is now fixated on. How much damage does he think he could do with a bomb vest? If the stadium can hold 3000 people, you need something vehicular sized to do some serious damage, not a bloody suicide vest with ball bearings. I keep getting told that Brady is intelligent, but there are so many instances of him doing something unintelligent that I’m beginning to shake my head. He might be smarter than the guy working at McDonalds but that does not make him intelligent. *sigh*

I asked BookCupidity if I could take an extra week to do this Buddy Read and she agreed. I’m glad I asked. I’m not going to be reading this all week. I’ll read another bit next weekend and post again. As engrossing as it is, I feel like I’m being dirtied from the inside out. Like someone dipped their hands in used car oil and is now using my brain to wipe them off. Bleh!



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9 thoughts on “Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 50%

  1. “being dirtied from the inside out” – that should appear on the covers of all King’s books! That’s my sentiment exactly and the reason I gave up on King after reading “Misery” and “Salem’s lot”. For me these books are filled with certain guilty giddiness of a small boy pulling fly’s wings behind his parent’s house and waiting for something to happen. Will there be reprisal for the wrongness done? But there’s only the cheering of the crowds 😉

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  2. Okay. So there is a discrepancy between my Libby app for overdrive and actual overdrive. So when I thought I was at 37% and I was actually at 29%. I don’t know, weird. So the very next chapter was the Brady pizza chapter and I nearly puked. Obliquely was such a kind way of putting that. I’m sure you were wondering how so could have missed that. Anyway. I’m planning on updating after blue umbrella update.

    It was kinder when we could believe his monsters were make believe.

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    1. Sadly, the brady/mom thing gets less oblique.

      I’ll be glad for your update. I want to know how this is making you feel. Because this is making me feel very yucky.

      I concur. This is too “real” for my taste. But it certainly is “horror”ible…

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  3. “I feel like I’m being dirtied from the inside out. Like someone dipped their hands in used car oil and is now using my brain to wipe them off. Bleh!”- hehehee I’m getting that just from the review- a lot of this subject matter sounds a little weird (and reminds me why I rarely pick up Stephen King)

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