Mr Mercedes Buddy Read

mrmercedes Each year I read one Stephen King book in the month of October. It is about my only concession to Halloween and it allows me to space my reading of King over decades. I really like his stuff, but I find that I don’t want to immerse myself in supernatural horror. I know that type of thing isn’t fiction and I don’t want to make light of it or desensitize myself to it. So, ONE King book a year.

This year, I will be doing my King Read with BookCupidity as a Buddy Read. She is participating in the Halloween Bingo thingamajig over on Booklikes and this will allow her to squeeze in another square on her card.

We’re going to start reading October 1st and end by the 14th. We hope to do several update posts during those 2 weeks. Spoilers WILL abound. Read at your own peril.

If you would like to join us, let either of us know in the comments and be sure to add the “Mr Mercedes Buddy Read” tag to any post. We will be linking to each other’s posts much like Dragons&Zombies and I did with our Deadhouse Gates Readalong. We’ll be glad to add your blog if you decide to read along.

I know nothing about this book besides some guy running people over with a mercedes?




Bookstooge’s Mr Mercedes Posts

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22 thoughts on “Mr Mercedes Buddy Read

  1. I am excited! And genuinely hope this book works out. And that I can read it in two weeks…most King books and I take the long way ’round. It’s not one of his doorstoppers though, so I’m hopeful.

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    1. Thanks. We narrowed it down to 5 and we’d each read one of the 5, so that narrowed it down to 3 and one of those 3 was “Misery” and I’m just not ready to read that yet.
      So this sounded the best 🙂

      Have with Desperation. I don’t even recognize the name…

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  2. That’s one of King’s titles I’m not very familiar with (mostly because I somehow fell out of love with the King of Horror after “Insomnia”, and never managed to find the same level of commitment I felt with previous books). So I’m more than curious to see what this is all about, and to hear your take on the story.
    And thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. One King per year. Really nice strategy, to be honest. The whole idea of not being desensitized to his stuff is a nice precaution. It can really ruin it all if you aren’t in awe at the stuff he tells. I’ve only read the Gunslinger by him and its not even horror technically. I’ve seen Mr. Mercedes around, and didn’t know what it was about until you mentioned it was about someone running people over with a Mercedes. I literally laughed out loud hahaha

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