The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – General Update

32177852Ok, this post is a promo post about a book that I’m excited for.

I’ve been reading Sullivan’s various Riyria books since 2010. I’ve enjoyed all 10 books of them so far.

Sullivan is a hybrid author, doing his thing for the Publishers while releasing other books as an indie. He’s one of the few indies I don’t rant on, as he does a good job of actually DOING his job as an author.

His newest book, The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter, is coming out December 5th. However, much like with his Death of Dulgath, he’s going to be doing a Kickstarter for it to provide hardcovers and trade paperbacks for those of us who love more than just ebooks or mass market paperbacks. Here is his latest post about the project:

In His Own Words


Quick and dirty? Kickstarter starts October 1st, runs for 3 weeks. There will be early bird specials, just like for Dulgathand be aware, the early bird specials for that were GONE within HOURS of the kickstarter going live. I’m going to be backing this project and hope that I can get in on the early bird stuff this time around.

I’ll try to do another post the day before the Kickstarter starts, just as a reminder to anyone who is interested. You can also get on the email list from Sullivan’s post so you’ll be auto-reminded.




13 thoughts on “The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter – General Update

  1. I’m not worried, should be funded no problem, given the way his previous kickstarters went. I’ll probably be listening to the audio, but hope you all enjoy your hardcovers!

    Did you hear about drama with his other series though? I heard he’ll be switching publishers again, because they couldn’t come to an agreement on audio rights.

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    1. I stopped following his Age of… books when it became evident that he was adding “diverse” characters. Not sure if that was his choice or something the publishers wanted. I guess I’ll be finding out which when this next Riyria book comes out.

      I’m not worried about the funding either. I just hope I can get the early bird stuff. I completely missed it last time 😦


        1. Oooh, yeah, mismatched covers. That would drive me CRAZY. One of the reasons I back a hardcover for his Riyria books. I want them all in hardcover, not a mix of trade and hard.


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