The “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Mystery Blogger Award

Yesterday Kelly tagged me in a post of hers for one of those Award posts. I politely thanked her and told her I had NO intention of doing it, because I’m me, and that means I’m contrary, at times, just because.

So here I am, 24hrs later, showing what a Liar I am. *insert very loud fire engine noises*

With that spirited intro, here we go!



The Rules:

There are NO Rules! That’s why this is a Mystery. Who knows what the rules are?


Three Things About Me:

I am 7ft tall.

I’m totally a vegan.

I would rather poke out my eyes than sit on a couch all day, reading a book and listening to Enya. Ugh!


Questions From Kelly:


1) What is a book that you can read over and over again?

Space VampiresIt’s just SO smexylicious!!

2) What is your least favorite book you’ve read?

Probably Way-Farer by Dennis Schmidt. I hate that book so much I’ve read it at least 5 times, just to torture myself.

3) Where is your favorite place to relax and de-stress?

Work. Nothing relaxes me like a couple of feet of snow and sub-freezing temperatures!

4) What is your favorite thing to buy other than books?

Rockstar. I drink it by the gallon until my heart explodes from all the caffeine!

5) Coffee or tea?

I prefer the Blood of My Enemies. Zesty tangy drink with that great iron after-taste!


My Questions for Nominees: 

How many banks have you robbed?

Would you rather die by eating Mcdonalds fast food or drowning in someone else’s sweat?

Do you know our lord and destroyer, Saint Cthulhu?

Which torturous death would you give your dear old mum from the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes?


My Best Posts: (I’m being Fo’Real, schizzle mcdizzle, on dis one!)

A Milestone

Night of Knives  (what?!  I have NO idea why to be honest)

I Will Make Them Cry



I Nominate:


And if I see this post going around, I’ll hunt the perpetrators down like rabid kittens!



Teeny little postscript:

Thanks Kelly. This was a lot of fun to twist around and I never would have done it if you hadn’t given me the initial push!



19 thoughts on “The “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” Mystery Blogger Award

  1. “But it sure was a cold one yesterday! It was 15 degrees and with the windchills, closer to 0, all day. That’s in Fahrenheit. Celsius would be negative 9degrees to negative 18degrees with the windchill. And we’d just gotten a foot of snow. Man, sometimes I really love New England. ”

    Oh my God!! You’re one of those guys who love harsh weather…18ºc!!! Honestly. Man. I’d die in a second…In Winter in Lisbon the temperature rarely goes to less than 10ºC (50ºF for you).

    I hate it! That’s why tomorrow I’m leaving for Venice and afterwards to Greece (Athens, Corfu and Katakolon) to enjoy the sun and do some scuba diving.

    When I come back I’ll do a post like this one but under a pseudonym…You won’t catch me!

    NB: “Space Vampires”. I think it’d be something right my alley and I’ll say no more…:)

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  2. I’ll answer your questions here:

    How many banks have you robbed?
    None, I simply requisition money when necessary for planetary defense.

    Would you rather die by eating Mcdonalds fast food or drowning in someone else’s sweat?
    I’m working on the McDonald’s one, I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Do you know our lord and destroyer, Saint Cthulhu?
    Planetary Defense Forces have a shoot-to-kill order on him.

    Which torturous death would you give your dear old mum from the movie The Abominable Dr. Phibes?
    I do not have a mum, I hatched from a Planetary Defense Pod.

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  3. hahahaha I love that you lied about doing this 😉 I also don’t know what to say about that Enya fact- I mean sounds like a pretty awesome day to me- but I can’t tell if that’s a lie for you or not. Definitely gonna guess the vegan thing is a lie (and I’m not gonna say anything more there, cos I have a tendency to annoy vegans, so if that’s true I’ve probably already overstepped the mark… 😉 ) hahahahaha I always find work relaxing 😉 Yes please to sub zero temperatures. hahahahaa yes to smexilicious vamps and of course the blood of my enemies!! I robbed three banks this morning (shh don’t tell 😉 ) And OH I LOVE MaccyDs, go there every day! But how could I not want to bathe in someone’s sweat- preferably the sweat of my enemies 😉 And of course Cthulhu is using me as his puppet. right. now (save me)

    Okay I’m (mostly) done being silly now- this post was hilarious!! And awww that pic at the end!!

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    1. Enya and reading: total lie. That would be my perfect day.

      Vegan: even more of a lie. While I keep the food laws from the Bible, I’m not vegetarian or vegan and have no desire to be.

      Good job on robbing 3 banks. I don’t get that many any more. All these newfangled security “things” just confuse me.

      And glad you liked it. It was fun to write 🙂

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      1. hahaha well I can relate!! That sounds just wonderful.

        And yeah, in case you couldn’t tell by my last comments, me and veganism doesn’t mix! Meat eater all the way! And no regrets about it 😉

        hahahaha all in a day’s work 😉 oh I understand, although I find that a good whack sorts that right out 😉 (just the same as when the tv doesn’t work- it’s the most technical way to deal with technology that doesn’t agree)

        Twas fun to read!! 🙂

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    1. I’ve got a funny vegan story I plan on sharing in my first foodee Survival Saturday post next weekend. It happened 8 years ago and my wife and I still talk, and laugh thankfully, about it 😀

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