Sena vs Panther (Eyeshield 21 #36) ★★★★☆

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Title: Sena vs Panther
Series: Eyeshield 21 #36
Author: Riichiro Inagaki
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Sports Manga
Pages: 192
Format: Digital Scan




The Final All-Star Game is here. There are several confrontations between players of each team as they test the other out in various ways. And all the outcomes are the same: the Americans win.

Kurita is knocked out for the first half of the game and the Americans are winning 28-8. Sena is outrun. Monta is outcaught. Gaou is outpowered. Even Hiruma is outmaneuvered!


My Thoughts:

This volume, while good, was lacking in both heart and humor. I didn’t laugh nor did I feel that rush of emotion, either up or down. THIS is what I was expecting from this story arc and sadly, it gave it to me in spades. We’ll see how the final volume plays out.

One of the characters said it best. There has never been a japanese player in the NFL. I’m not sure if there has been since this manga was written, circa 2009, but honestly, it is no surprise. Football players are some of the biggest people in this country. Trickery and feints and whatnot will only take you so far.




  1. The World is Mine (Vol. 35)
  2. The Last of the Deimon Devilbats (Vol. 34)
  3. The Devil’s Mistake (Vol. 33)
  4. The Christmas Bowl (Vol. 32)
  5. The Winner Is… (Vol. 31)
  6. This Is American Football (Vol. 30)
  7. Second Quarterback (Vol. 29)
  8. Showdown at Tokyo Dome (Vol. 28)

2 thoughts on “Sena vs Panther (Eyeshield 21 #36) ★★★★☆

  1. Interesting point about no Japz in the NFL. Just like some countries don’t practice certain sports during the olympics. I can’t say if it’s still a fact today though, but I do wonder if there are maybe American-Japz nowadays that practice the sport and are just having trouble getting into the league for other reasons than skill or size.

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    1. For the most part, they are just too “small”. Even mixed heritage still have that asian small bone structure. It’s just genetics. And by the time you get enough mixing going on, they no longer identify as Japanese, so…

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