♪Finding Constant Posters ♪is Hard to Do♪

Every time I read a book, I tend to go through the WordPress Search bar to see if anyone has reviewed either that book or that author. I usually get a ton of hits and a lot of blogs to go through.

And that’s where things get frustrating.

90% of the time, the poster isn’t posting anymore OR it was a one off and they actually read Romance/YA all the time [I’d rather read non-fiction all the time than those 2 genres]. I am always on the lookout for new people to follow, as “Life” takes its toll and the people I follow take breaks or stop or seriously slow down.  Blogging does a good job of weeding out those who aren’t Committed to the Cause [kind of like the Marines, but different, you know?] But the process of weeding those other people out involves me investing my time and effort into those blogs. And when they stop, it feels like I wasted that time. Not that I think that I’ve actually wasted my time or that the blogger has. But it “feels” that way.

What really gets me is when I find someone who has been posting SFF reviews for books that I love and when I go to their page, they haven’t posted in 2 months. It is like one of those “Missed Connections” on Craigslist. Which by the way, are hilarious to read.

Man, it is a good thing it is Friday or I’d be calling in the Whine Police on myself…


22 thoughts on “♪Finding Constant Posters ♪is Hard to Do♪

  1. Aw, when I was still blogging in German it was super hard to find people with similar taste in books as well… and then some just disappeared or only posted once every 3 months..

    I find it a bit easier now, but I still feel like there should be more 😀

    I am also on a quest to find bloggers who like books & wrestling 😀 i know of 1.

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      1. I am watching WWE but cant say I’m happy with everything they are doing… I like njpw as well and through nxt i also became a fan of british wrestling! Would love to watch lucha underground as well, but its not available on netflix australia. There’s more wrestling out there than i can keep up with 😀

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  2. For what it’s worth I don’t read romance novels as well, but I would assume, like every other stripe of popular, mass culture, there’s a lot of stuff that’s perfectly average and appeals very much to fans of the genre and slightly less to non-fans, a lot of stuff that’s not very good and a small amount of stuff that’s good enough to make non-fans sit up and pay notice.
    It’s sure as hell the case with SF where I find when I’m trying to talk about a book I’ll more often than not feel I’d recommend it differently to someone I know reads a lot of SF and someone who doesn’t.
    Romanced novels: they’re all about “shag, shag, shag, end.” Really. No plot whatsoever. The whole ‘soppy romances’ myth was marketing to sell porn to ladies with prudish social contexts or private moralities. Sorry. It had to be said.

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    1. Don’t worry, my post was NOT aimed at anyone I follow or who follows me. I consider you a constant poster. I KNOW I can count on 2-4 posts a month from you and I’m satisfied with that. That is why I follow 60’ish people.

      This post was “inspired” because I had gone through WordPress looking for people who had read Joshua Dalzelle [the last book I reviewed was by him] and I got a ton of blogs to check out. I ended up going through 10 of them and ALL of them had flamed out. The last post by one was back in May. So I was just disappointed 😦


        1. As much as I don’t like GR, I think they serve a very useful function. For a casual reviewer or someone who just wants to track their reading, GR is perfect. It combines book data with social overtones. For the majority of readers, that is all that is needed. But if you need more than that, or want more than that, then places like WordPress or Blogspot or Weebly or X become real havens. It definitely takes more effort here on WP though…


    1. Very sad. Especially when things happen in their life that are beyond their control. It isn’t like they flamed out, they left for good reasons. But it still sucks on my end too. Thanks for knowing what I’m talking about.

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