A Comparative Study into the Eschatological Theories on the Evolving Verbosity as Witnessed within the Jurisdiction that is Under the Purview of Bookstooge

After a total BS title like that, I can’t think of a thing to write. Funny isn’t it?

akeda2Of course, I’ve pretty much stumped myself

I am thinking on the subject of wordiness because I’ve realized that my reviews have been increasing in length since I started reviewing regularly on WordPress. I am also tired and when I tired, everything is either extremely funny or so serious that I can’t talk about it. Since I am typing this, and you are reading this, I guess it’s obvious which direction we’re going this time.


what_43680b_1348410Yeah, I don’t see why this picture isn’t King of the Memes on google or something


While I have never been drunk, or gotten high, I have acquaintances who have and all the behavior they exhibited are very similar to how I act when extremely tired.  Caffeine doesn’t necessarily counteract that tiredness, it just means I can’t get to sleep. Sadly, sleep is the only cure. I should be asleep now, rejuvenating so I can go to church tomorrow and not be a bear and bite someone’s head off.

oIt is 11pm, I am hungry and I’m about to put a pizza in the oven


And the words begin to putter out. I doubt I’ll even post this but I needed an outlet to let some of the rambly’ness out without trying to say anything coherent. Sometimes coherency is WAY over rated.

c5011066023bc42b58c089e7d8c361bdc8bbe00fb4c0ab46495fa9f6619d8045This picture is not actually funny. But it is right now

I am just throwing everything on the wall right now.



20 thoughts on “A Comparative Study into the Eschatological Theories on the Evolving Verbosity as Witnessed within the Jurisdiction that is Under the Purview of Bookstooge

  1. I hope you enjoyed your pizza 😀

    I know that feeling though – I get like that as well when I’m super tired. I feel a bit like I smoked weed and my brain thinks everything is super interesting and wonderful!!

    I once had a stop over in vietnam – for about 12 hours I think… i can’t sleep on a plane or anywhere else thats not a bed or couch so I was awake for way too long. At that point, after I got past being grumpy, they were showing korean(?) soap operas on a big screen and I got sooo into them, although I didn’t understand a word. That was just the best thing I’ve ever seen! Drama and explosions and fires woohooo!

    .. good night 😀

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  2. Drafting/redrafting. Taking time to reflect, review, improve. Choosing your subject matter. Letting it fester for a while, in the back of your mind before going anywhere near paper or keyboard. And this is what we’ve lost by scrapping coursework. Now children get to write ‘creatively’ just the one time where it counts, in exam conditions. Not good enough. That’s what blogging is for among other things. But then, fostering imagination, creativity and the confidence to take your time to create something pleasing was never really the point of the brave new world of the ‘education’ system.

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    1. Yep, I am truly a child of the 80’s and 90’s. I can only imagine what the kids of today have to deal with.

      On the other hand, I wonder what kind of outlet I would take if I didn’t have a blog to spew out on? Probably become a hardcore rocker or a social activist 🙂

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  3. As someone who suffers bouts of insomnia now and then, I know what you mean about being so very tired and unable to sleep. The bright side of it? (because we always NEED a bright side to compensate…) Well, more time to read! 😀 Isn’t that wonderful?

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    1. Well, I’d never know it by reading your posts, that is for sure. If you feel like I did when writing that and still produce what you do, you’ve gone up in my estimation by about 10,000%. I couldn’t think straight when writing but wrote just to see what came out…


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