Calling on Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles #3) ★★★★☆

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Title: Calling on Dragons
Series: Enchanted Forest Chronicles #3
Author: Patricia Wrede
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 274
Format: Digital Edition



Morwen the Witch, and her 9 cats, are trying to help out Cimorene and the King of the Enchanted Forest. Wizards have stolen his magic sword which makes the Enchanted Forest vulnerable. So Morwen, Cimorene, the magician, Kazul the King of the Dragons and an enchanted bunny that eventually turns into a flying, blue, ghost donkey [seriously!] all set out to recover the sword.

They are successful but upon their return to the Enchanted Forest they find that the King and his castle have been put inside a super powerful shield spell by the wizards and only the magic sword can cut through it. Unfortunately, only a direct heir to the king can wield the sword. Cimorene is pregnant, so all they have to do is wait for the kid to be born and grow up enough to use the sword.

No problemo!


My Thoughts:

This was fun. Just like the other books, it is definitely middle grade, but it is well written that even a young virile man like myself can enjoy it.

I liked this better than the previous book and I suspect that is because Wrede writes from a female main character perspective. Killer the rabbit, who through an ongoing reaction to various magics, ends up as a blue, flying, ghost donkey, alternated between an annoying prat and an extremely funny foil. I think he would have been funnier if he hadn’t had so many lines.

The cats were great little snippets of personality here and there. They exuded “catness” in everything they said and did. I’m guessing Wrede owns cats.

My only grouse comes from a more adult perspetive. Those pesky wizards. Instead of just melting them, and having them reform after a couple of days, why not let the dragons eat them wholesale OR have Mendenbarr [the king of the Enchanted Forest] hunt them down with his magic sword, assassin style.

She could even have him be on the cover of another book as this dark broody guy in a hooded cape with lots of glitter. You know, the kind of cover that seems to be on most of the YA crap out there these days. Or he could be this huge buff guy with no shirt and long hair kissing some buxom lass with half her clothes gone. I would title that one: “Mendenbarr: King Of Love” with a byline, “he KNOWS how to use that sword”. Surprisingly, Wrede never even ASKED for my input in any form for these potential spinoff novels. I would have totally split the royalties with her. But hey, not everyone recognizes genius when they see it.

In closing, this was a good light read that I have NO regrets about re-reading.




  1. Dealing with Dragons (Book 1)
  2. Searching for Dragons (Book 2)

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