21 thoughts on “The X-Files: Season 10

  1. I can’t even keep track anymore, is this like when it came back for like 6 episodes last year? I really enjoyed the goofy one with the were-lizard, but the other ones were kind of mediocre (and I actually did not even make it to the last episode). They weren’t horrible, but it was disappointing considering how much I loved this show back in the day.

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    1. That is correct, the 6 episode restart. I just was disappointed that they went from “ooooo, aliens” to “aliens were fake. It was all a misdirect from a group of super powerful men”.
      Any group powerful enough to “fake” those alien incidents are already powerful enough to rule the world.

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        1. Oddly enough, at our church’s mens meeting a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing what it would take to bring the world together under one government [End Times theology and all that] and one person had apparently watched “Childhood’s End” recently [surprisingly, it wasn’t even me!] and was wondering if the threat of alien invasion or the benign rulership of aliens, would do it. It was a pretty fun discussion actually 😀

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    1. Sadly, you didn’t. I was thinking about tracking down “The Event”, which is either a movie, a tv movie or a couple of long episodes, that are the sequel and kind of “season 11”. Now, no thank you…

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  2. hahahahahaha sums up my feelings about most shows these days!! I really struggle to find tv to watch right now that doesn’t make me mad. There are just so many shows bogged down with toxic ideas :/ Ughh. Man, it’s terrible. I don’t know why liberals are so intent on sucking the joy out of everything (sorry for the rant when I’ve not even watched this show! I just like my tv and feel like it’s been spoiled by a bunch of killjoys!!)

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    1. They brought the show back after a 10 year hiatus and they rebooted it, but it was a continuation of the original. Basically, everything in the first 9 seasons was a misdirect by a secret cabal bent on world domination. There were no aliens, etc. It was total bs on the part of the creator, Chris Carter. He should be ashamed of himself…

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        1. In this case “it was all a lie” reboot. But considering that every other season of the original had someone saying “it is all a lie” all the time kind of takes the punch out of it. It just felt tired and lazy and like a cash grab. But my goodness, Gillian Anderson is as hot as ever…

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