Librarything Free Lifetime Membership + Mobile App

According to the Librarything Blog, they are giving away free Lifetime Memberships for people who download and use the new Android mobile app.

I use Librarything to catalogue my books online. It has a bit of a learning curve and is not as easy to use [imo] as GR or Booklikes. But, they leave you alone and the site works. I can’t ask for much more than that.

I can be found Here, Bookstooge at LT, and I am part of the Green Dragon group.  I prefer blogging and the commenting format here at WP, but I’ve learned to never tie myself down exclusively to one book reviewing format. That’s just asking for trouble.



13 thoughts on “Librarything Free Lifetime Membership + Mobile App

    1. LT is almost more of a virtual library and I just don’t use it that way, so the app was no draw to me. But I figure free lifetime memberships are always good to advertise just in case someone was thinking about joining.

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  1. I’ve got more than 5K physical books at home. I need to scan them with with this new toy…only about 1/100 are in my bl, and lt library. I already have a life-time membership since since 2006. This comes as a very handy indeed.

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    1. You’re welcome. It doesn’t look like I’ll use it, but I was asking around in the Green Dragon and several people told me how they use it. Good to know its not just a gimmick…


  2. I have a LibraryThing account but rarely use it. How does it compare to Goodreads? I like GR, but I agree about not tying yourself to a platform. I know I’ve had reviews removed from Amazon because they were deemed “copies” because they appeared on GR and my blog. Not sure if they have changed that bot setting or not.

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    1. Well, LT has a much steeper learning curve than GR. While places like Leafmarks and Booklikes are different from GR, it is still the same basic idea. LT is different enough that it took me close to 2 months to get comfortable. Navigating the site is a bit of a chore and the social side of things is more like a bulletin board than anything. I don’t like it. I only stuck with it because with leaving Booklikes, I needed some site that gave me stats for books. It is tough to recommend on its own merits, but, when you consider the other alternates, it begins to look ok.
      Not exactly a glowing rec, I know…

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      1. Thanks for the insights. I should spread my reviews. NetGalley take that sort of thing seriously. But finding the time to be across multiple platforms is the limiter. I like the sound of BookLikes, but you said you’d left it?

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        1. Booklikes was perfect, until the owners disappeared and the site was pretty much left in the hands of one “face person” and some unknown site engineers. It has been on its last legs for about the last 2 years. Things just stopped working the way they were supposed to. While members found work-arounds and are really great with helping everyone out, I got tired of a site that just didn’t work.
          Also be aware, while you can import you reviews from either LT or GR, you can not Export. That is a big strike against it in my books.

          So you have to balance having a great idea [blog site with a book database] with the realities of a slowly fading site. I would go back in an instant if someone with money bought the site and put the time and money into making it work. Buuuuuuut, sadly, that just doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen.

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  3. Hard to convince myself to go from Goodreads to LT. I think I’m going to need a pretty bad experience with Goodreads to make the switch. LT’s interface looks very technical too. Feels like I’m doing some coding for a library or something hahaha Thanks for sharing though. 🙂

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    1. I hear you. If GR works for you and you don’t get censored or bullied by a writer, it is the best place. Even as much as I hate the place for the censorship, I have to admit it. It galls me, but they did a great job of setting the site up. Of course, every time I visit, things have changed more and more and it seems to be becoming an advertisement site more than a social review site 🙂

      And your description of how LT feels is VERY apt.

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