The Perfect Player (Eyeshield 21 #25) ★★★★ ½


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Title:         The Perfect Player
Series:      Eyeshield 21 #25
Author:     Riichiro Inagaki
Artist:        Yusuke Murata
Rating:      4.5 of 5 Stars
Genre:        Sports Manga
Pages:        208
Format:     Digital Scan




The Epic Game we’ve been waiting for, the Devil Bats versus the Oujou White Knights. Things start at 100% and go up from there. This deals with the first half of the game and Shin just dominates. He blocks, he runs, he moves Kurita, he keeps pace with Sena. He IS the perfect player.

The Devil Bats have 20minutes during half time to figure out a way to stop Shin. With the White Knights leading 13-6, a solution must be come to or the game is already over. Everything now rests on Sena’s legs. Will he be strong enough to face Shin down and overcome his rival?


My Thoughts:

Much more enjoyable than the previous book. It is almost sad to see how Shin just crushes everything in his path but watching a player become almost perfect is a joy in itself. It was very revealing when he matched speeds with Sena and Sena’s world comes crashing down. He is no longer the fastest player and he’s built his identity around that idea.

This volume did not feel drawn out at all and when it ended, with the faceoff between Sena and Shin just beginning in the Second Half, I almost wanted to immediately start Vol. 26 as well. Thankfully, I was able to throttle that desire, as it will lead to manga burnout. But now I will be looking forward to the next volume 🙂

★★★★ ½


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