Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 16-19


Well, I wasn’t selected for jury duty today. But I have to go back on the 15th for another round, so I suspect I’ll get caught then.

Anyway, here’s another update for Deadhouse Gates. Talk about dense! I got wicked mixed up when taking notes, so I’m not actually sure which parts go with which chapters.




Chapter 16

Duiker does a scouting sortie and discovers Stormy and Gesler and their boat sitting by the side of an almost dried out brook. Stormy and Gesler have reached a stage before Ascension and it becomes apparent that Coltaine has as well.

Korbolo Dom, the rogue Fist, sends an emissary to talk terms and allow the civilians free passage over the river. Coltaine rejects the offer out of hand without even hearing the terms. It also appears that Dom has been in communication with some of the nobles in the refugees camp.

Felisin, with Heboric, the Toblakai and Leoman, begins the process of turning Felisin into Sha’ik Reborn.



Chapter 17

Apsalar, Crokus, Fid, Mappo, Icarium and Pust enter Temorlor, an Azath House. It is under seige by the various soletaken and diver’se. It needs Icarium’s help to survive even while Icarium is exactly what an Azath House was created to contain. 5 hounds of shadow come to help out in case Icarium kills Temorlor and frees hordes of terrors.

Korbolo’s offer of free passage reveals itself for the trap it is. The malazan army is decimated, another wickan child sorcerer destroyed and the nobles are still alive. The civilians are pushed beyond their limit and attack the rogue Fists forces, giving the surviving malazan soldiers chance enough to regroup.


Chapter 18

I have no recollection of this chapter. Without notes, it’s gone. This book is that bad to me.

I think it was a sea battle involving Kalaam and pirates? If there was more, I certainly can’t remember it.


Chapter 19

I JUST realized that the Azath Houses with their Tree aspect are directly taken from Glen Cooks Black Company and the God tree that was planted over powerful beings. Goodness, Erikson’s a dick.

Apsalar and Co begin their journey to the Azath house where they will be able to take a short cut all the way to Malaz Island. They have to survive thousands of Soletaken and Diver’se though and the Azath house itself, as it imprisons all of the above. Or tries to.

Felisin makes it to the center of the camp and proclaims her status as Sha’ik Reborn. She’s struck some sort of deal with the goddess to play the part and still keep her identity as Felisin. Wonder what the rest of the details are.

Icarium goes nuts when facing a Diver’se and the conch shell from the beginning of the story kills it.Mappo knocks Icarium unconscious to spare his life.



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10 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 16-19

  1. Haha, I tried to not mention Kalam’s storyline too much because I think I didn’t get all of it! So he’s on a ship to Unta and everyone keeps betraying everyone? There’s a treasurer, Pearl is working magic and the captain is actually one of the old Emperor’s people. I am lost.

    So about the Azath… What would actually happen if icarium destoys it? Everything that’s imprisoned will be set free? It’s only the Soletaken isn’t it? Because before all the talk about the path of the hand no one knew about the Azath, right? Or will all Azath houses be destroyed when one is? I don’t remember if we get more details on Azath’s, do you?

    Way too many question marks here 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Here’s my understanding of what would happen if Icarium destroyed Tremorlor.
      All the beings that had ever been trapped by it would be set free in the world. Fiddler mentions seeing things from millions of years ago, so there are some really powerful beings trapped.
      I think it also would only destroy Tremorlor and not affect the other Azath Houses? But, they are all connected, so who knows?

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