Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 9-11

dhgzIn my next post, I’m definitely going to be taking notes on each point of view instead of just on each chapter.  Dragons&Zombies has her post up for these chapters as well. She’s keeping me on my toes so I don’t dilly-dally.

Most books that I have read with multiple pov’s will have each POV as a separate chapter. It might make for a book with a LOT of chapters, but it visually enforces the changes and helps your mind keep the various lines separate.

Erikson has chosen to include multiple pov’s in each chapter and doesn’t make the changes obvious beyond a double space. I’ve mentioned this before, but it really hit home in Chapter 10 when we stick with Duiker for the whole chapter and get a prolonged bit of the story from him.


So here’s the rundown of what’s happened:

(my notes are in block quotes, just in case you couldn’t tell)

Chapter 9:

kalaam hooksup with some malazan survivors and begins the journey to Aren.

Felisin, Heboric, Baudin, Stormy, Gesler and the mage Kulp run into some tlan imass who take care of their mad sorceror problem and then promptly leave them still stuck in the warren.


Chapter 10

Duiker finally connects up with the wickans and the malazan refugees. Coltaine shows his genius, his power and his blood thirstiness in surviving one attack by the combined armies of the Rebellion.

A god is destroyed by the spirits of the land, who are controlled by children with the souls of ancient sorcerers in liege to Coltaine.

The decision is made for the group to head to Aren, the only town still under malazan control. Thus the threads, severed at the beginning of the story, begin to wind together again.


Chapter 11

Kulp opens the warren they are in with the power of a passing undead dragon. The dragon then opens a warren to some place with fire to get rid of the “things” hitching a ride on him. Stormy and Gessler appear to be lost with the boat while Felisin, Heboric, Baudin and Kulp appear in Raraku [the desert].

Baudin is revealed as a body guard for Felisin and she sends him away.

Kalaam is stalking the rebel army, led by a Fist gone rogue. Turns out Kalaam is not only set to kill Laseen, but he and Quick Ben already have a replacement in mind. Plans. Not just a quick revenge. Leaves the plains through the Imperial Warrens, for the city of Aren.

Yostara Yil joins up with a Claw named Pearl, and both are on Kalaam’s trail.

The demon Apt saves a malaz child and has Shadowthrone heal him with one eye, like the demon.


And I know there are pov’s that I’ve missed. Apsalar, Fid, Crokus, Mappo, Icarium and the mad priest Pust.

I’m finding that every word counts. Erikson might be verbose, but it all has a purpose, even if that purpose is several books later. It feels like he’s painting a picture with words but he’s doing different layers at different rates, so we keep getting glimpses of “something” without knowing what the whole is meant to be.

My appreciation for the complexity and pure skill shown has increased in spades. I liked the series before, but now? I’ll be singing it’s praises. At least until I reach the Super Whiny Angst-Fest that is the last 3 books 😀



Here’s a picture of what someone imagines the various races of Malaz to look like. Also gives you some scale.

Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to have you click it and it come up big. It is a big picture. If anyone knows how, please let me know in the comments.


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12 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 9-11

    1. Man, I just read the post. If Erikson tried to switch in the middle of paragraphs, I’d quit. At least I’m getting a double paragraph break.
      I’d really prefer a row of stars or a character/location in bold.

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  1. ‘Whiny Angst-Fest that is the last 3 books’ ahahaha 😀 I don’t remember all of the storylines being whiny…but a lot of them were. And too many long inner monologues. Mappo’s chapters were nothing else!

    Love the picture! Almost everyone fits with how I imagined them! Maybe the Barghast & Fokrul Assail are a bit too pretty. I love that the K’Chain K’Malle are just freaking dinosaurs 😀

    I am reading pretty fast at the moment, almost done with the next 3 chapters and I could have another post up later today. Is that alright with you? Otherwise, I don’t mind slowing down 🙂 I thought I would take much longer.. It’s just so easy to read because it’s so good 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the picture prettifies everyone a bit more. For some reason, I also thought that the Assail had 4 arms. I’m not sure if I got that from Esslemont’s “Assail” or from a later Erikson book.

      As for posting/reading, go right ahead. Don’t wait up for me 🙂

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  2. Is it hard to remember the names? This whole multiple POV thing + long ass series makes me wonder how hard it might be to remember characters names or places. Did you have trouble with that when you first started? You seem to swim in this without any huge issues. 😀

    As for that picture issue… Did you copy-paste it into the post? Maybe try and “import” the picture, pick two pictures to “put together” and press ok so that it brings you to that pop-up with the option to choose the layout for the pictures and then in preview take out the “second” picture that you never intended to put it and just pick a layout that permits people to click and expand (or even put two pictures if it helps…). I have no clue if this works or even helps, but hey, I tried! 😀 😀

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    1. Names. It was VERY hard to keep things straight the first time. The reason it is easy, or appears that way, this time around is because this is my 3rd read. And I’m taking notes. That is a life saver. Doing a buddyread is forcing me to take notes so I can intelligently, ie coherently, talk about what I’m reading.
      I think D&Z is doing a better job of synopsis’ing than me and I’m thankful for her posts 😀

      I will try your suggestions for the pictures next time. I’ve never been a big picture in post kind of guy, just one here or there, so this is mostly new to me. It can’t hurt to try, right?

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      1. I feel like I’m going to need a journal to thoroughly enjoy my first read. 😀

        Absolutely not. They always help keep posts engaging for people too. Also stirs up our imagination, like all those fan arts you’ve been showing us so far. Gives us a pretty nice idea of what the series world is like.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I would recommend a journal, in all seriousness. Get a nice leather one that looks cool and makes you want to write in it. Even if all you do is jot down chapter synopsises, that will put you WAY ahead of where I was. You can also use it to look back on stuff if you can’t remember who somebody is or if they’ve appeared before or appear with a different name [that happened several times I believe in the series]

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