Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 6-8

dhgzFor Chapter 6, I thought I’d share some quotes just so you can see the kind of writing that Erikson does.


Concerning Beneth, Felisin’s current “owner” at the slave mines.

Uncertainties now plagued his life; like bloodfly larvae they crawled beneath his skin, growing as they gnawed on his flesh


Duiker the exiled historian, returning to the city to see if any Malazans survived the uprising

Every now and then a distant scream sounded from the city’s heart. It was clear that the mutiny’s destructive ferocity had turned on itself. Freedom had been won, at the cost of everything.


Duiker viewed all he saw with a growing numbness. The terrible agony that had been unleashed here seemed to remain coiled in the air, poised, ready to snatch at his sanity. In self-defence, his soul withdrew, deeper, ever deeper. His power to observe remained, however, detached completely from his feelings – the release would come later, the historian well knew; the shaking limbs, the nightmares, the slow scarification of his faith.


Icarium and Mappo find a sailboat in a cave, in the middle of a desert. Said conversation ensues.

‘So, not Iskaral Pust’s craft.’

‘No. Leaving…’

‘Well, either the mule or Servant.’

Mappo nodded. He rubbed his bristled jaw. ‘I’ll grant you a mule in a boat dragging nets through the shoals might be interesting enough to garner a god’s curiosity, sufficient to collect the two for posterity.’


Fiddler, Crokus and Apsalar are in the desert and only Fiddler knows the real reason they are there.

Fiddler growled an oath, pushing away the futility clawing at his thoughts. They would have to find Tremorlor, before the Whirlwind swallowed them whole.


By the end of Chapter 8, I am roughly 1/3 of the way done with this book. Coltaine, the Fist [General] of the Malazan 7th Army, must guide almost 40,000 Malazan civilians across a continent that has suddenly revolted against Malazan rule and has the power of prophecy to bolster their revolt. And yet by this mark in the book, he’s just left his first city and is making a run for it. Things get bloody intense in the chapters to come.

This is what one person envisions Mappo and Icarium looking like:


Mappo on the left, Icarium on the Right

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11 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates: Chapters 6-8

  1. Ah i love that picture! There’s some really cool malazan art around! I love how Mappo is depicted, that kinda fits the image of him i have in mind. But what happened to icarium’s nose?? 😀

    I find myself highlighting lots of passages while reading. Erikson’s writing is beautiful. Despite rambling on too much sometimes 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t see that happening. They’d have to have a budget of hollywood blockbuster. They’d also have to change a lot of stuff to make it all fit together or have one linear plot and I don’t see Erikson and Esslemont giving up their creation [they created this world as a game well before the books ever happened] to some tv exec who doesn’t know his ass from his head.

      And the existential angst is so thick that you can cut a knife with it. There would have to be some sort of “happy” involved and I don’t know how that would happen.

      Finally, considering how long the series has been finished [even though Esslemont continues to write more books], it seems like it’s time has passed.

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      1. Very fascinating. Since hearing that the Wheel of Time series (okay… that is probably not a good example considering it probably has A LOT of “happy” element to translate onto the big screen/TV properly) has found producers/writers for the TV series they plan on releasing, I was curious to see if other huge series that have been out out on bookshelves for years now will ever see the same treatment.

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        1. If WoT makes it, then Malaz has a chance. As producers will see that a big fantasy book series can really succeed [Expanse is scifi and Game of Thrones could be a fluke].

          And if the current crop of tv writers continue their stellar job of putting out junk, then execs will start mining deeper waters.

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