Deadhouse Gates Prologue-Chapter 2


Ok, getting my backside in gear, as Dragons & Zombies has started and blew right off in the first day. So I’m playing catchup here.

Not much to add to DZ’s post. She did a fantastic summing up of what happened in each.

My main thoughts were just how wordy Erikson seemed this time around. Instead of sitting back and letting the words slide over me like jello [now there’s an image for you, right?], I found myself getting impatient for some bit of info to actually be released.ย  I have a very bad feeling that I’m going to have to make a concerted effort to change my mindset when reading these now.

We come across new characters and some that we’ve met before. Icarium the half jaghut, half something else [do we ever learn what? I have no idea] and his handler, Mappo. I always thought that Icarium would play some larger cataclysmic part, but I can’t remember how things end for him. Almost like he just fades from the story. And while I’m on Icarium. Why is he so powerful? The sorcerers from Gardens of the Moon took out a Jaghut Tyrant, and the Azath House buried it. So why hasn’t Icarium been apprehended and buried?

I also seem to remember that the whole “plot” to take out Laseen is some huge misdirect? Of course, I don’t think we find out for several books, so I might be completely off base. This re-read is going to be seriously messed up, as I remember things from all over the place and never really sure how it all fits together. That actually kind of really peaks my interest.

So there you have it. Confusion and lots of it ๐Ÿ˜€




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4 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates Prologue-Chapter 2

  1. Icarium’s storyline was lacking in many ways if you ask me.. I agree on what you say about him. I don’t remember if his story resolved and what role he played, but I wouldn’t have cared because he is one of the most boring characters. Just like Mappo. Their chapters became whinier the longer the story went on and I think I skipped all of those loooong inner monologues in the end.

    I also don’t remember how the ‘Kalam wants to take out Laseen’-situation ended! I have a vague memory of both of them meeting and Kalam going his way after that.. But that is all. Not much ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. This whole confusion thing upon starting a re-read is pretty intriguing. I would’ve thought it would be helpful in some way to know what would happen next in order to see if you can foresee events and if the author was actually leading you to x or y without you knowing. I guess it all depends on how long it has been since you read this series after all huh. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. THe problem is, all the books are not directly tied together. Nor are they chronologically in order. And these suckers are big!
      It is a lot of info scattered throughout that you have to piece together…

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