Deadhouse Gates Readalong & Updates

dhgz Going to be be doing a Readalong of this book, Deadhouse Gates, book 2 in the series Malazan book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson, with Dragons & ZombiesAnd that link will take you to her Intro Post.

I’ll be following her updates and then adding my own and linking everything together.  I’ll also be adding a Deadhouse Gates Readalong tag to each of my posts. She did updates when she was reading Dune that I really enjoyed so I am hoping this turns out fun for both of us as well.  This is a re-read for both of us, so the questions we ask might not be the ones you’d think. Or who knows, maybe they will be.

The edition of DG that I am reading is almost 900 pages long, so I’m going to do updates by chapters. There is a Prologue, 24 Chapters and then an Epilogue. So be prepared for a lot of whining from me and some good info from D&Z.  My posts will be totally spoilerific, so you’ve been warned.

12 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates Readalong & Updates

      1. I’ve got a Paperwhite in black with no buttons, only touchscreen. Before that I had an older version as well, I think the first one they made. Loved it but then I couldn’t resist the light function that came with the Paperwhite

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    1. It is book 2 in the series, just so you know. However, with that being said, Erikson’s mode of writing is to just tie the books together loosely, very loosely.


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