A Milestone


I’d obviously be lying if I said that this doesn’t mean anything to me.  I would also be lying if I said that all 100 of those followers were actually following me. Some are spam’y type accounts, some seem to be the “I’ll follow you in hopes you follow me” type, others I have NO idea why they followed me and then there are the ones like you who are reading this.



Now that I am a certified “Power to Contend With”,  I figure it is time to unveil my Secret Agenda (no, not taking over the world, I blew the cover on that idea with that Disgusting Popcorn post). Of course, that would entail actually HAVING a secret agenda.  It sounds like a lot of work and hassle. If any of you have good ideas for Secret Agenda’s, feel free to leave them in the comments. I promise you though, if I do get a Secret Agenda, you all will be the first ones to know it. Let’s face it, a Secret Agenda is just pointless if you can’t share it with people who can marvel at your cleverness, right?

On a more serious side, I’m pretty happy with my numbers. Numbers of likes, numbers of comments, number of followers, number of people I follow. I have an interaction rate that is above 10% and my time at Booklikes taught me that anything above 5% is doing well. I am content with the people I interact with. You provide me with much mind fodder and enough comments to keep my tiny little “social” tank filled.  WordPress leaves me alone, so it doesn’t get much better.

I started using WordPress back in October full time because Booklikes was apparently on the skids.  I have found interesting people here, have great conversations back and forth and am happy with how things are turning out.




62 thoughts on “A Milestone

  1. Congrats!

    As for the Secret Agenda, I’m thinking of reading (and sometimes re-reading) the back-list of the Hugo and Nebula Awards since their inception. That way we could compare “notes”… I’ve read a lot of them a long time ago. I wonder how they would fare now…

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    1. Thankyou.

      As for the awards books. I tend to get turned off if a book trumpets that it won or was nominated for “Award X”. I would be interested in a list of the books you’re planning to pan through to see what I’ve read before.


  2. Congratulations!

    Way too many decades ago, marketing classes taught that 10% response/impressions was a very good number and to shoot for 5% response/interaction/bites with 3% purchase/closing/ROI = success rate for any campaign.

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    1. Thanks.

      I have not forgotten about Deadhouse Gates. My reading schedule just isn’t going quite as fast as I thought it might. So it’s going to be in April sometime. I’ve got about 7 more books to go before I get to it. Once I’m down to 2 or 3, I’ll give you a holler…

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  3. First of all congratulations on your well deserved following! Here is to many more. I was pretty pleased with your choice of memes.. minions will win me over every single time haha. And totally what is the point of a secret agenda if you cannot share the brilliance of it with others.. alas sadly I have none 😉

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  4. Ahoy there matey! 100 is a fine number even if some be bots and tricksters. The more the merrier in me world. I am glad to have added ye to me crew. Yer reviews are great and ye actually respond thoughtfully to comments and questions. Rare indeed. An extra ration of rum fer ye!
    x The Captain

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    1. Thanks! It is nice to be able to quote some classic, whether “Classic”, or classic SFF and a lot of people here will get it.
      Nothing worse than making a funny play on words or twisting a quote in real life and nobody laughs because they don’t know the source material you’re quoting from.


  5. Congratulation, sir. I second the need to share a secret agenda. I believe they seem even more clever when gazed at by those who are let in on the secret. 🙂 Your own presence around WordPress/Bookidote is always a pleasure, thanks for being awesome.

    – Lashaan

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