Book Haul & Kudos

Recently, I won a contest put on by The Orangutan Librarian,  for my review of A Tropic of Serpents. My prize came in the mail today:




Yep,  nothing says “I’m a Winner” like a Science Fiction book 😀

I started reading the Cobra books by Timothy Zahn in the early 90’s when I found them at our local library. At the time, there was only the original Cobra trilogy. It wasn’t until almost 20 years later, in ’09, that Zahn began writing in the Cobra universe again. Since then though, he’s put out a respectable 5 books [Cobra Outlaw is the second book in the 3rd trilogy] while keeping up with his other writings. While I’m not as enthusiastic about these later books as the former ones, I still look forward to each one as they came out and have been slowing buying them so I can own a paper copy.

So, Thank You Orangutan Librarian! I always appreciate free-to-me books.



26 thoughts on “Book Haul & Kudos

  1. Zahn was my favorite author in high school. I loved Blackcollar and read the early Cobra books. In college he started his Night train trilogy and continued it until he finished it just a few years back.

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    1. I really liked the Quadrail series. I ended up buying them in hardcover 🙂

      These later Cobra books, well, I have to say I hope he ends things with the next book. It is getting kind of boring and Cobras shouldn’t EVER be boring 🙂


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