They Were 11! (Eyeshield 21 #21) (Manga Monday)


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Title: They were 11!
Series: Eyeshield 21 #21
Author: Riichiro Inagaki
Artist: Yusuke Murata
Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Sports Manga
Pages: 180
Format: Paperback


Synopsis: Spoilers

The Second Half. The Devil Bats begin to grind their way through Agon and his team the Naga’s. Each member begins to give more than they have, as this IS a do or die game. Things are starting to seem favorable after 2 touchdowns, but with it still being 32-14, can the Devil Bats come back?

With a 3point kick by the Naga, bringing the score to 35-14, the volume ends. Ouch.


My Thoughts:

Oh man. This was another good volume full of tricks and surprises by Hiruma. I did begin to wonder just when he would run out of tricks though. At some point all avenues are closed and your hand is empty of cards. But so far, he keeps on pulling out more cards and hanging in there by the skin of his teeth.

This time around we see how physical the game is, as Sena’s legs are starting to give out on him. He is relying on time outs to allow them to be iced and to go for just “a bit more”. We’ll see if he can go the entire game. I am also wondering if the manga-ka will deal with recovery between games, as that is a very real thing.

Since the game doesn’t end with this volume, I suspect that the next couple of games are going to be very long and span 4+ volumes. I have to admit, I am not looking forward to that. I have much preferred the volumes that encompass 1 game or maybe 2 volumes that encompass pre-game off field things [slice of life stuff], game and then post game off field action. I am not enough of a football fan to want a game drawn out so long like I suspect the rest will be.






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7 thoughts on “They Were 11! (Eyeshield 21 #21) (Manga Monday)

    1. Yeah, my “spoilers” are pretty much a given. I mean, the series finishes at volume 37, so nothing I say here should surprise anyone 🙂

      As for reviewing, I concur. It can be hard as there isn’t necessarily a beginning,middle and end, especially in a long running series. I do know that it has only been in the last couple of years that I’ve started reviewing them. I used to view GN’s [manga, comics, whatever] as not “real” books and so wouldn’t review them. I’ve since changed my mind 🙂

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      1. I have always tracked them with my reading goals because my personal opinion has been “reading is reading” but never shared the reviews until now. I guess it all boils down to personal preferences. But people enjoy them so it is nice to find reviews!

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  1. Oh man, after our recent Super Bowl, I think any comebacks are totally possible. 😀 Also agree with games that drag on multiple volumes. Definitely wouldn’t be too excited about that, unless there’s some kind of huge plot twist that makes this worth being 4-volume-long.

    – Lashaan

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