The Judge of Ages (Count to the Eschaton Sequence #3)


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Title: The Judge of Ages
Series: Count to the Eschaton Sequence #3
Author: John Wright
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 381
Format: Kindle Digital edition


Synopsis: Spoiler

Picking up right where Book 2 left off, The Judge of Ages shows the final confrontation between Montrose and Del Exarchel and his flesh and blood counterpart. Of course, nothing is still as it seems,not even with Del Exarchel’s bombshell’s. Humanity 2.0 has arisen and they don’t like the post humans (Montrose and Del Exarchel) mucking around with them.

Ends with the 2 archenemies becoming frenemies and being exiled from Earth in a spaceship. And Jupiter is in the process of being turned into a giant brain. Seriously.


My Thoughts

First off, Irresponsible Reader asked for a “meh” book and I have to say, he’s getting it in spades with this one.

The only thing saving this from a 2star is the fact that there was a 50page battle in a locked room [it might have been slightly less than 50 pages, but it felt like it and that is a good thing] with about 10 different groups. It was awesome. It was up there with the battles in Neal Asher’s book and since I had just read Gridlinked, the comparison was fresh.

Both this and Gridlinked are dealing with Posthumanity and the future. Unfortunately, this book falls into a didactic tone and the characters, mainly Montrose, spend the majority of the time spelling out they outsmarted all the other characters and the results of their smarty-pants’ness. It is all explained with very big math’y words that lapse over into the social engineering side of things as well. If you happen to be an expert in that kind of thing, or enjoy that level of detail, this will probably work for you.

I don’t need that level of excruciating detail. I am not posthuman. In fact, most days, without an energy drink, I am barely old fashioned human. It was just boring!

At this point, I will keep reading the series just to see how it ends. But my goodness, shoot me in the head with a nanoencephalitic cocktail if you want me to praise future books.




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