The Sea Devil’s Eye DNF@18% (Threat from the Sea #3) (Forgotten Realms)


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Title: The Sea Devil’s Eye
Series: Threat from the Sea #3
Author: Mel Odom
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 356
Format: Kindle Digital edition



Abandoned, Did Not Finish.


My Thoughts: Maudlin Memories Abound

Part of why I abandoned this was because I had just finished Gardens of the Moon and I was still reveling in my first 5star read of 2017. ANY book was going to have a hard time following that. However, all the glaring faults of this Forgotten Realms trilogy were really brought into the light after staring into the previous book.

I was at a part where the main boy character [he’s 20’ish, but ‘boy’ is the best description] is being talked to by the main love interest and she’s pouring her heart out and simply asking him if he loves her. This boy has a very big “I’m not worthy” complex and he’s an introspective melancholic. In fact, he acts EXACTLY like me when I was 18-22. So my problem isn’t that he’s unbelievable, it is that he’s just plain selfish and WON’T look at anything other than how he wants to. My real life problem was solved when a professor at bibleschool answered one of my self-absorbed questions by laying into me and simply telling me the truth, in front of the whole class. I didn’t change overnight but I did begin to think about other people. In this trilogy, the boy has his professor moments but he stays self-absorbed. Maybe later in the book that changes, but after 2+ books, I was done.

A young hero needs to mature. However, if you’re only writing a trilogy, don’t drag that “grow up” point to the last chapter. It’s unpleasant for me as a reader because I have to put up with the character until then.

Nothing of the quality of this book was any less than the previous two. I’d simply had enough of the characters and the author’s wanking around.


12 thoughts on “The Sea Devil’s Eye DNF@18% (Threat from the Sea #3) (Forgotten Realms)

      1. The fact that I’m just gettinrg around to replying here is sort of testament to where I am at. I am at all three (though BL is hit or miss for me) but I’m stagnant at the moment. I am doing a re-read project that is going slowly and keeping up with my real life bookclub and that’s about it, reading wise. I want to get back into the groove – I’ve been out of it for 3 months now. I miss it, so hopefully soon I’ll have more to say. 🙂

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        1. Thanks for getting back. I’m only following 3 or 4 people at BL and I’ll probably stop that at the end of the week. I am at GR but have just started putting up links to my review at wordpress.

          Trust that real life isn’t treating you harshly…


  1. Yes! Characters who are continually self-centered brats and/or clueless morons are one of my pet peeves…and both seem to show up with great frequency in low quality fantasy. I don’t want the whole book to be the protagonist being chivvied into doing the right thing despite his/her inclination to do otherwise and/or taking 100 pages longer than me to figure out something that is glaringly obvious when we both have the exact same information to work with.

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  2. Sometimes authors deliberately insert flawed protagonists for the sole purpose of giving them “room to grow” – I’ll often give those books the benefit of the doubt, but a character that doesn’t get a clue by book three? No thank you.

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    1. Sorry about the delay. I could have sworn I replied right after I “liked” your comment. Darn internet.

      Anyway, I fully agree with you. I like a character that needs some growth, as long as I see that growth during my time with them. My guess is that baby boy grows up in the last chapter AND that it is all off page. Never been a fan of Odom’s and this just confirms it.


  3. Really interesting. 3 books into the series and the character still hasn’t settled into his “grown-up form” is a bit odd. Unless his “boy form” was really fascinating and loved by many, I can’t see how it continued to delay the process. I did like that it made you think about yourself to some extent. That hints me that the book could have had great potential (or maybe it does by the end of the book..).

    – Lashaan

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