January 2017 Roundup & Ramblings


Truth be told,  January 2017 kind of stank when it came to reading. Not the amount, as I was able to knock back 20 books, but the only 4Star novel was Soldiers Live, the final book in the Black Company series by Glen Cook. If it weren’t for the Eyeshield 21 manga consistently entertaining me, this would have been a really bleak month.

Aside from those, the rest of the month was mediocre to poor. I think the dubious honor of Worst Book goes to the Robin 3000 comic. It was just a hot mess.

On the good side of things, I have started Gardens of the Moon. I’m in the middle of it and still absolutely loving it. It doesn’t count towards January, but at least I’m ending the month reading something I really enjoy instead of something horribly soul sucking like The Midden or disappointing like MHM: Grunge.  Don Quixote continues to go well and is something I look forward to at lunch times.

So to end this little Roundup and Rambling, here is some cover love. Ironically, it is for the books I enjoyed least this month. Doesn’t that just figure? They “look” like everything I want in an Elseworlds comic, but sadly, the insides completely betrayed me. An even greater betrayal than that of Darth Vader to Anakin Skywalker in fact.

Robin 3000 Volumes 1 and 2



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