33 thoughts on “♪ Bookstooge Loves the Little Monsters ♪

                1. Ha, prime comes through in a pinch! free shipping and I can “subscribe and save”. I’ll have to talk to Mrs Bookstooge about that, but I do know what I’m getting myself as a christmas present.


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  1. I once knew this guy who drank the monsters,
    all the monsters of the world
    Every morning, day and night
    Flying high as a kite
    Its a wonder his heart didn’t esplode

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    1. I strictly limit myself, to 3 a day. But considering that I usually drink rockstars instead [which have 240mg instead of 160mg of caffeine like the monsters], I consider it a healthy day when I stay below 500mg of caff *zing* *zoom* *zimbabwe*

      Yeah, I fly pretty high on caff sometimes. I’ve been trying to cut back for the last 2 years 😀


      1. I can’t talk really, I love coffee. I *did* cut back for a month in November – quit coffee to ultimately kicked my bad DDP habit. Caffeine withdrawal is killer. I won’t pick up DDP again, but I brought my coffee back…cause I have to have one vice. Plus, anything I can have that doesn’t involve a shot? C’mon.

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        1. True that!
          You use a syringe? my dr keeps trying to get me back on the pump but after my last experience with the insurance side of things and dealing with the fallout, I’m staying with syringes and vials of insulin.


          1. I do use syringes and the old fashioned vials – it’s the only thing affordable 😉
            I’ll likely never go back on my pump. When I was pumping, we had this amazing insurance and I paid something like $50 a month for supplies and insulin. That’s….not the case any longer and hasn’t been for years.

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  2. Hahahh, I’ve only tried Red Bull in my life (a very long time ago) and that didn’t last long. Seeing your addiction and all these peepz’ as well got me pretty curious of the taste of these Monsters! 😛

    – Lashaan

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