The Expanse on Amazon Prime December 14th

At least according to this article:

The Seattle Times

I guess my plan of waiting until I’d read another book to watch the show is going kaput. Never can tell how long things will stay on Prime. The Matrix was only available for less than a month. Of course, Grimm is still available after being there almost 2 years.


6 thoughts on “The Expanse on Amazon Prime December 14th

  1. If you read the first book, the first season will not spoil anything from following volumes, since it does not cover the entirety of book 1 “Leviathan Wakes”. And I strongly recommend the show, because it’s amazing – I can’t wait for season 2 to begin…

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      1. It’s very well done: one of those rare cases where I watch the screen translation from a book I love and don’t roll my eyes in exasperation… ๐Ÿ™‚

        And since I’ve seen you intend to binge-watch the first season, I can say it’s the best way to enjoy it: I did that on re-watch, and the show gained in perspective and immersion.

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