Soldiers of Fortune (Omega Force #2)


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Title: Soldiers of Fortune

Series: Omega Force

Author: Joshua Dalzelle

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 350

Format: Kindle digital edition



Cap’n Jason and his mighty crew of rogue Do Gooders have pretty much spent all their money from their first mission on stuff for the ship and other missions. So now they need a job and they get one, from Da’ Man, the Gubbamint, Big Brother.

A system is standing separate from the ConFed space government and suddenly their shipping lanes are being attacked by pirates, good stolen, commerce being ground to a halt. But they can’t find the pirates hidden base so they hire Omega Force to get dirty, be dirtbag, scum loving, mercs and find the pirate base. Along the way, Jason and the Crew find out that it is the ConFed’s, working in conjunction with a small group of power hungry individuals, that is working to bring the system to it’s knees so it will be forced to join the ConFed.

And a beautiful woman is brought into the picture. Da Da Dum!


My Thoughts:

Ok, first off, I thought this was a slightly better book than the first one but I rated it 1/2star less. That is because this was 50% longer, which showed some of the Dalzelle’s weakness in writing, and I was expecting more. Funny how expectations can really change things.

This was an enjoyable story of the crew getting into fights, doing some sleuthing, have a space battle or two and hooking up with a source of income that will allow them to continue The Good Fight. I didn’t bother trying to figure out who or what was manipulating who or what, I was just along for the ride. Everything gets explained nice and neat by the end and the story ends.

In the first book, Jason thinks about “her” several times, but with no name or anything specific. Which bugged me, because if “she” was the love of his life, he’d be thinking of her by name. It felt like Dalzelle was trying to establish a character without actually doing any of the work. And in this book, “she” is referred to again, pretty much like that. The introduction of the  beautiful space captain and how she and Jason pretty much don’t hit it off telegraphs that she’ll be the romance interest in the series. At least the space captain has a name, position and is a real character. I foresee a lot of drama being milked out of this potential relationship.

If you like SF that is about the action, this series will suit you. It certainly suits me just fine even while I wish that it was being handled with more skill. Hopefully that is something that time will solve.


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