Thraxas and the Dance of Death (Thraxas #6)

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Title: Thraxas and the Dance of Death

Series: Thraxas

Author: Martin Scott

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 256

Format: Kindle digital edition



Lisutarius has lost a priceless gem that helps protect Turai against an orcish invasion. So she hires Thraxas to find it without anyone else finding out. But of course things don’t go quite according to plan and everywhere the gem goes, death follows. So much so that an enterprising fellow starts a betting ring on how many people will die before Thraxas can find the jewel.

An undead sorcerer comes to town to steal the jewel for himself, falls in love with Makri and threatens Thraxas.


My Thoughts:

It was nice returning to Turai and watching Thraxas threaten, bluster and bumble his way through yet another investigation.

Things get a little bit more serious as Thraxas must deal with politics, having his investigators license revoked, Tanrose leaving the inn and a possible orc invasion just as the city is being wracked by a dwa epidemic and the elves are weaker than ever.

I tore through this in about 3 lunchbreaks. The only problem is that by the time I get around to writing a review, I’m halfway through the next book and get the details muddled in my head. But I remember having fun reading this, so I think that is enough.

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