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Title: Tron

Series: ———-

Author: Brian Daley

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: Movie Novelization

Pages: 186

Format: Kindle digital scan



Flynn came up with several smash hit games, only to have them stolen by another man who leveraged that fame into the position of CEO at Endcom. Flynn is on a crusade to prove that those were HIS games and that HE deserves that position. With the help of Bradley and Laura, friends who are still employed at Endcom, Flynn breaks in and starts to hack the system.

Little does he know that MCP has taken control of the company and it doesn’t want Flynn around. Zapped into an electronic world, Flynn must hook up with Brad and Laura’s alter ego’s and take down the MCP from the inside. As a mythical User, Flynn has powers at his fingertips not known to mere programs. With the help of Tron the Warrior and Lori the shaper, Flynn is on a journey to survive and destroy the MCP.


My Thoughts:

I am a big fan of the movie Tron. I acknowledge it’s complete 80’sness but that is part of the appeal. It is the Electronic 80’s in all its Glory.

Sadly, this book was deadly boring. Boring that I really wanted to DNF this. But my love of the movie overcame and I soldiered on. Kind of wish I hadn’t and started something else. Daley was a good author and his own works showcase that pretty well but this, it was just boring. I know I’m saying that lot, but that was what kept striking me in the face over and over.

Wouldn’t recommend this at all and if it wasn’t for the movie being so cool, I would give this an easy 1 Star.

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