Omega Rising (Omega Force #1)

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Title: Omega Rising

Series: Omega Force

Author: Joshua Dalzelle

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 205

Format: Kindle digital edition



Jason Burke, former Special Forces, is hiding away in the mountains after being disilllusioned by those in power. One night he sees an aircraft go down and he runs over to see if he can give aid.

It’s a spaceship and before he knows it, Jason is gallivanting around the galaxy. Being betrayed by robots, crossing the galaxy mob, freeing slaves and gathering a group of heroes to make Space a better Place.


My Thoughts:

The origins of the A-Team in Space! Seriously, that is what this is. And it was a boat load of fun.

The writing started out a little rough and if I hadn’t already read Dalzelle’s Black Fleet trilogy, I probably would have consigned this to the DNF/Indie pile but after the first chapter things evened out.

Don’t expect deep characterization or philosophical points hidden below the surface. You’ll get guys shooting things and blowing the crap out of stuff, In Space!  Of course, since this is the Origin Story, we find out how everyone comes together instead of a Do Gooder Story. But I’m sure our Intrepid Team, the Omega Force, will be on the look out for Evil, in all its forms and race to the rescue at a moments notice.

Definitely wouldn’t recommend this as a first intro to Dalzelle due to the rough writing but as a second series, I foresee a lot of fun ahead. As long as it doesn’t devolve like some of those other mindless action series [I’m looking at you The Warlord].

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