The Complete Stories #2

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Title: The Complete Stories #2

Series: The Complete Stories

Author: Isaac Asimov

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 560

Format: Kindle digital scan



A large collection of short stories from Isaac Asimov.


My Thoughts:

Unfortunately, most of these stories I had already read. So there was almost nothing new and without the shiny of “new”, I can’t say that Asimov’s stories are all that engaging.

Nothing is bad or boring. They just aren’t the type of stories that I want to read again and again. Most of them have a “hook” at the end and if you already know that hook the whole story loses most of its punch. I also found that a large portion of these were longer stories than in volume 1.

I have seen references to a 3rd volume of short stories but as far as I can tell, they were never published. That is too bad because I would like to see a finishing up of all of Asimov’s stories.

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