The Last of the Sky Pirates (Rook #1) (The Edge Chronicles #5)

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Title: The Last of the Sky Pirates

Series: The Edge Chronicles

Author: Chris Riddell & Paul Stewart

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Children’s SFF

Pages: 386

Format: Kindle digital edition



50 years after Twig sailed off to find his shipmates, things have changed on the Edge. Shrykes and Guardians of the Night control the city and the glades. Stone Rot has destroyed all flying ships. The Librarians now hide in the sewers, sending out their best and brightest to make new discoveries in the Deep Forest.

Now Rook must make the journey to the Free Glades where he will learn how to survive the Deep Forest.

Along the way, he will learn skills, make friends, meet Legends and find that only those close to you can truly betray you.


My Thoughts:

I was very glad that this was not another Quint book. Being a continuation of the story from Twig’s time is good. At the same time, when Rook meets Twig and hears his story, it is SAD. All the potential Good is spent on an unfulfilled search by Twig. He never got back to Riverrise, never got back to his shipmates, never got back to the Stonespeaker Girl.

But this was Rook’s story. However, you can see the similarity between Rook now and Twig then. It doesn’t bode well for Rook’s future. As a children’s story however, it works well. It makes the child the hero and the adult the sad figure that bad things happen to.

I am done with this series though. It is meant for children and what a child will pass over or not even notice, bugs the heck out of me. I don’t want to read this into the ground. Part ways while we’re still on speaking terms, so to speak.


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