Shattered Spear (Lost Stars #4) (Lost Fleet)

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Title: Shattered Spear

Series: Lost Stars

Author: Jack Campbell

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 350

Format: Kindle digital edition



Iceni and Drakon deal with a plethora of threats. The Enigma’s wipe out a near by system and begin to build up a base. The Syndics are sending more ships against Midway to take it back. A Warlord, who has personal enmity against Iceni, has arisen and is starting to build a systems wide group.

At the same time Roh AND Togo both appear to be going after the other’s former chief, ie, Iceni and Drakon.

Thankfully, Drakon and Iceni make nice and get hitched at the end. Nothing says “Romance” like a nice contract while wearing battle armor and your former aide is trying to kill your lover.


My Thoughts:

Once again, Campbell does not disappoint with this latest Lost Stars book.

My only complaints are as such:

  • Stop including Syndic/Alliance stereotypes just so characters can renege them to show how much they’ve changed. We get it. Midway is trying to go its own way. Stop beating me over the head with that.
  • Give me more ground forces fighting. Having the Midway forces give up on taking the Enigma’s base was realistic, but it wasn’t fun to read about. Give me some room by room clearing action. Space shotguns, Doom style!

Considering that those are my only “complaints”, I’m pretty happy. This is something like the 14th or 15th Lost Fleet Universe book by Campbell and I’m still not bored. I’m not mad at him for not finishing things up. I do hope that he wraps up individual story lines [like Jack “Black” Geary and the Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series], but if he wants to keep writing spin off series/stories with new characters, I’d be great with that.

Finally, the cover. I’ve been really enjoying these Lost Stars covers and I hope that they keep the same artist for as long as the series runs. They are truly representative of the “feel” of these books.



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