Something Myth Inc. (Myth Adventures #12)

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Title: Something Myth Inc

Series: Myth Adventures

Author: Robert Asprin

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 208

Format: Kindle digital scan



In the process of getting the kingdom of Possiltum up to snuff, Skeeve had to raise taxes. Now, armed and dangerous groups are consorting how to bring Skeeve down and keep their money.

So the Myth Inc crew spring into action to solve the problem, all while keeping it from Skeeve.

And of course, the “dangerous” groups aren’t and what ensues is yet another story narrated by Guido or Nunzio. I can’t keep those 2 separate in my head.


My Thoughts:

My wife has read up to this point and told me when I started that Skeeve leaves the story at some point. This was the book. Which is good. Because honestly, like I’ve written in other reviews, he’s not a good main character. So him leaving Myth Inc at the end to “go study magic” with Bunny as an assistant made me sigh in relief more than anything.

2 Books ago, Sweet Myth-tery of Life, it ended with Skeeve’s pet dragon Gleep getting shot. Now, a year and a half later, I finally get around to seeing what was behind that and how it resolves. The tension was gone, it was lame and honestly, I simply didn’t care. The humor of the tax revolters was a little bit funny, but I felt like an indulgent adult laughing kindly at some child’s silliness rather than laughing because something was genuinely funny.

We’ll see if Asprin turns this series around now that he can concentrate on other characters, or if it just stays more of the same. I’ve got 5 or 6 more books and I am am hoping to finish this out. Just for the completionist in me.

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