Saint Odd (Odd Thomas #8) (Final) 5…

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Title: Saint Odd

Series: Odd Thomas

Author: Dean Koontz

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 352

Format: Kindle Digital Edition




Odd returns to PIco Mundo as he knows the cultists from the previous book are going to try to get back at him through his home town. Following a dream where the whole of Pico Mundo is underwater, Odd must stop the cultists from creating some sort of event that will shake the nation even while he knows that it is time for him and Stormy to finally be together forever.


My Thoughts:


Honestly, this felt weak. I have to admit, I was looking forward to Odd being back in Pico. I was hoping that the characters there would be as engaging as in the first book. I was hoping the badguys would be REALLY bad and that Odd would go out in a blaze of Fry Cook Glory.

It just wasn’t to be. The faithful Pico Mundo’ites were barely sketched in, more like name dropping than anything. Remember that Sheriff guy, a second father to Odd? He’s just a tired, ragged man with a badge. Those people who loved, nurtured and helped Odd? Names, just names.

The cultists were just crazy nutjobs blowing stuff up and trying to set loose a plague.

But my goodness, if you ever wanted to hear about Stormy, over and over and over again, you get that in spades. I get that Odd is a young 20’something and his hormones are as much in charge as his brains, but for goodness sake, give it a rest. Then the whole 2nd life Battle thingy, it felt rushed and forced, just to give a pseudo-happy ending.

For the series overall, I really enjoyed the first book and then one or two in between. But I didn’t really ENJOY this book nor the overall series. I’ll probably re-read Odd Thomas at some point but it will definitely only be the first book. That was gold.

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