Scorpion Mountain (Brotherband Chronicles #5)

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Title: Scorpion Mountain
Series: Brotherband Chronicles
Author: John Flanagan
Rating:  3.5 of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 465
Format: Kindle



Hal and crew are sent on a mission to stop a band of killers who have sworn an oath to kill Princess Cassandra.

Said killers just happen to be living in the middle of the desert. Vikings in the desert.



My Thoughts:

It is getting simply ridiculous just how many things Hal invents on the spot. In this book, it is glasses for the big guy who shoots the mangler. His feelings are hurt and so he wants to leave the Heron and Hal invents glasses so he can see and participate and feel better.

Other than that, this was a carbon copy of all the other books.  Especially in how the characters react and relate to each other. Flanagan obviously has a system that works for him but I think I’ll need a good 6 months between books so as to not overdose on middle grade/ ya’ness of it all.

And saying it is a carbon copy also means that the fighting and action are top notch. I do really enjoy the battles, on land and sea.

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