Feeling Lucky (America’s Galactic Foreign Legion #1)


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UPDATE 1.26.16 
Penumbra Publishing stripped my review of its licensing info [the first paragraph above permitting only me to post this review] and then put the whole review on their own site. I was not asked nor did I give my permission for my review to appear on their site. This violates my rights as  the copyright holder of this review.
So Walter Knight gets a 1 Star and no more sales, or
reviews, from me. I won’t support a thief or a thieving publisher.
Title: Feeling LuckySeries: America’s Galactic Foreign Legion

Author: Walter Knight

NEW Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

OLD Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 222





In the Future, America rules the world and is in the process of ruling the Galaxy.

However, the Evil Bugs have taken a planet from humanity. So the call goes out and the American Foreign Legion is taking ANYONE to fight this threat against our very way of life, our EXISTENCE!!


My Thoughts:

This book started out with something like this in the dedication:

In the Tradition of Catch-22.

That right there set me off pretty bad. I hated that book, didn’t like the humor so I was ready to DUMP on this book. The main character was a schlub, the plot a rip-off parody of Starship Troopers and the politics was the worst of a bureaucracy.

And I LOVED EVERY MINUTE. After the Schlub dies, it gets good. It was darkly funny, right wing hilarious [I mean, the United States declared war on pretty much everything, including Democrats, and won!] and completely disrespectful of any and all things military.

And the thing is, the mockery goes to the bugs, the ants, and all the OTHER aliens we encounter.

There are several more books in this series and I plan on reading them. This was probably closer to a 2.5 Star book with a 4 Star’s worth of enjoyment. I love it when a book can do that.

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