The Golden Elephant (Rogue Angel #14)

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Title: The Golden Elephant

Series: Rogue Angel

Author: Alex Archer

Rating: 1 of 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 315





Roux loses all his money and sends Annja out to recover a priceless artifact so he, Roux, can sell it to a collector.

Annja gathers a team, and in a race against a tomb raider, finds a lost city, beats off 2 armies, saves the treasure and becomes BFF’s with aforementioned tomb raider.


My Thoughts:

This series has lost me with this book. I don’t expect much from ghost written action girl series, but this went beyond “a mess” into full on “terrible”.

First, Roux losing most, or all, of his money. That is so much garbage that I don’t even know how to respond to it. The man has had 500 years to perfect his poker face and yet we’re expected to believe he’s almost broke? Ridiculous Number 1.

Second, Tomb Raider girl. An african princess, with severe daddy issues, has deux machine pistols and robs tombs. A tip of the hat to Lara Croft? Only if you’re a senseless dolt. This was ripoff, pure and simple.

Thirdly, the “philosophical” talks between Annja and Miss Tomb Raider consisted of T.R. saying her piece and Annja going “oh yeah, I guess you’re kind of right…” Bad philosophy, or even wrong philosophy, is one thing but LAZY philosophy isn’t acceptable. I wanted to jump into the story and just rip apart Tomb Raider’s supposed arguments.

Fourthly, the “token” lesbian. I’m a Christian and don’t accept the homosexual lifestyle as something that is ok, but even I was embarrassed at just how shallow and pathetic this 2 paragraph part of the story was. Change it “token christian” and you would have had a black woman hollering “Jesus save me!” once or twice and that would have been that.  Write it well or go home.

Finally, the collateral damage. I’m a big fan of lots of death in action/adventure stories. But when just about everybody dies simply to clean up the story and Annja is weeping hysterically one moment over them and the partying the next, well, it is pathetic.

So in conclusion, this was just a sad sack of a story and with the lacklustre of this and the past couple of books, I think I’ll be done. I need to find some good series instead of settling for pathetic and mediocre.


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