Warlord (Warlord #1)

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Title: Warlord

Series: Warlord

Author: Jason Frost

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 398





Former super special secret sauce Vietnam vet now has a normal life in California, except he has to testify against his former commander for super dee duper evil crimes committed in Vietnam.

Bad guy goes free and vows vengeance on Awesome Sauce.

Then California breaks off the United States because of a Super Quake. Not only that, but the Bad, Evil Government was hiding Super Secret Evil Weapons and those somehow formed a cloud that caused the United States Government to declare California under quarantine.

So the Bad Guy decides to wreak his revenge on Awesome Sauce now. Because NOW is the time. And Awesome Sauce takes HIS revenge. And thus ends the book.


My Thoughts:

Gregor Xane recommended this series when I was reading the End World series. Thankfully, this was leagues above that series.

I know my synopsis was a bit heavy handed, but it adequately describes the tone of this book.

I wasn’t expecting the brutalness of this though. This was a no-holds barred violence fest. There were several times where I just cringed and went “oh…” inside. The Bad Guy was BAD!!! I like my bad guys to be really bad. I’m just not real cool with seeing what makes them so bad.

The sensual/sex scenes were gratuitous while not being completely erotical level. It wasn’t necessary and just made me shake my head. I really hate it when an author does that.

This was a fun read though. I have the next 2 available and am looking forward to them. Part of that is that I’m a big fan of California falling off the West Coast. I don’t make jokes about it anymore though, as my wife doesn’t find it funny 😉


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