Gabriel’s Horn (Rogue Angel #13)

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Title: Gabriel’s Horn

Series: Rogue Angel

Author: Alex Archer

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 314





Roux, Annja’s erstwhile mentor, is hunting down a painting that might lead him to Gabriel’s Horn. An artifact of power that will end the world, and end Roux’s guilt over the death of Joan of Arc.

Garin, Roux’s other apprentice, wants the artifact for himself.

Annja is caught in the middle of her “family’s” squabble and is pretty much blown to and fro.


My Thoughts:

This time around, the author doesn’t make Annja doubt the supernatural side of what she has inherited with the sword. She plunges into the adventure without all the inner whining and self-doubt we’ve run across before. Thank goodness!

The “romantic” under current between Garin and Annja was a bit ridiculous. In many ways, they are like step-siblings with a rascally, unruly father. The tension between them is more animalistic than real. Two powerful people coming to terms with the other while jealously guarding the relationship they have with their father figure. The “family” aspect was really played up in this book and it should have been, it is a great plot device.

The overall layout of the story is the exact same. I think there is a template that all the authors must use. Something, something, something, wrap it up in the last 10% of the book. Things just get solved in all the books in the last 10%, without fail. It is good to keep that in mind.


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