Homeworld (Odyssey One #3)

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Title: Homeworld

Series: Odyssey One #3

Author: Evan Currie

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 507




The other Political Bloc on Earth has created their own FTL ship and sent it off to explore an earth like planet.

Said spaceship runs into the Drasin and leads them to Earth.

It is now up to the Odyssey and its crew to save the Earth. If that is even possible against 2,000 Drasin ships.


My Thoughts:

Bloody fantastic. And spoilers galore.

This was pretty much one ginormous battle. We see the handlers of the Drasin for the first time and we see how the Drasin are being controlled, or not. Horrific really. Sentients sure are stupid, thinking they can control things that they really can’t.

The battle for Earth was awesome. Humanity pulling moves out of its collective butt and doing things that no other race has tried, and succeeding.

Which made the ending all the more poignant. If you’ve ever watched Titan, A.E., you know how this book ends. Or at least that is the impression the author gives. Earth falls, a remnant of humanity taking refuge with the Priminae and hope splutters out like a candle under a bucketful of water.

I am really looking forward to the final book in this series [even though there is another series Currie has started that takes place after this one and that series starts with King of Thieves].


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